Hanne Røland Hagland

Førsteamanuensis i Biomedisin, Leder av forskningsnettverk for helse og teknologi

Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for kjemi, biovitenskap og miljøteknologi
I8 D-112


My research interest area is cancer cell metabolism. Cancer cells can be highly hetereogenous with regards to gene profile, but still have a common ability to adapt and grow in harsh growth environment. We are interested in studying the mitochondrial contribution to growth adaptation in cancer cells and how this influence cancer treatment response. We are working in close collaboration with clinicians in the field of translational oncology, adapting protocols to real patient samples to give more targeted treatment to cancer patients. Our lab facilities entails state of the art equipment for studying cell gene expression, protein analysis and metabolic flux measurements. 

I have been fortunate to lead a research network connecting people from different expertise areas to collaborate on solving health challenges. I am always interested in new collaborations and thrive in learning about new technologies to see how they can be used in our search for a better life.