Hein Meling

Professor i informasjonsteknologi

Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for data- og elektroteknologi
KE E-437


Hein Meling is Professor of Computer Science at the University of Stavanger, Norway, where he heads the reliable systems lab, and work on systems and protocols to improve the robustness of network services, blockchains and smart contracts. He is the project manager for the BBChain project, funded by Research Council of Norway, to conduct research on efficient trustworthy computing with blockchains and biometrics. Previously he was co-PI on two large research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway. Meling has coauthored more than 60 publications and has successfully supervised five PhD students. He received a PhD in 2006 from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

My primary research interests are fault tolerant and secure distributed computing and in making systems autonomic. I'm interested in building fault tolerant systems that are robust against a wide range of failures and attacks. In particular, I'm interested in developing techniques and methods to test and evaluate the robustness of systems. Together with my students, I'm developing protocols, high-level programming abstractions, and middleware environments that help alleviate development effort for large-scale distributed systems that aim to tolerate failures and dynamism. Currently, I'm focusing on technology for blockchains and Byzantine fault tolerance.