Helena Kolesova

Forsker i fysikk

Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for matematikk og fysikk
KE C-255


I am working in particle physics phenomenology, following two main directions in my research:

  • During my PhD, I was studying different extensions of the so-called Standard Model of particle physics that might shed light on the problem of the dark matter, explain the lightness of the neutrinos or unify the known particle interactions. Recently, I am focusing again on the dark matter physics in collaboration with Torsten Bringmann (University of Oslo).
  • On the other hand, my research at the University of Stavanger involves mainly the physics of strong interactions. In collaboration with Tomas Brauner, we try to describe the state of matter that might appear in the cores of neutron stars: extremely dense matter in strong magnetic field.