Jo Røislien

Professor i medisinsk statistikk

Det helsevitenskapelige fakultet
Avdeling for kvalitet og helseteknologi


Throughout my academic career as a medical statistician I have kept venturing into steadily new research fields within medicine and health, always aiming to up the quantitative research methodology in the field by looking at it with new methodological eyes. I have worked in cancer research, clinical trials, nursing research, radiology, rehabilitation, obesity, drug research, addiction, public health and prehospital critical care. My involvement in these medical research fields and projects varies from the application of traditional statistical methods to developing completely new ones.


In 2009 I helped create -- and hosted -- a TV series about mathematics, statistics and numbers for a general audience. The TV series was a huge success, and I ended up with one foot in academia and the other in the TV and film industry. I have since written and hosted multiple science TV-series and short films for national and international audiences, including being first ever Norwegian host on Discovery Channel. I’ve given numerous motivational talks on mathematics and statistics for teenagers and students, along with hundreds of talks and workshops on the art of communicating complex topics for teachers, researchers, science communicators, creatives, Ministries and public offices.


Over the last years I have worked strategically to merge the academic and creative communication parts of my life, initiating academic research projects into how to increase scientific learning on all levels by adapting tools from mass media and creative communication professionals.