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    • Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth


      The spread and distribution of Northern forms in late- and post-medieval documentary texts from London.

      11th Conference of the Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) 2022;

      2022-06-01 - 2022-06-03.

    • Stenroos, Merja; Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth; Thengs, Kjetil Vikhamar; Johansen, Karoline Schiølde


      Present indicative verb forms in late Middle English local documents: signs of things to come?.

      12th International Conference of Middle English (ICOME) 2022;

      2022-08-22 - 2022-08-24.

    • Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth


      Expression of identity through spelling before and after the standardisation of English: from William Dunthorn to John Milton.

      2nd Symposium on Linguistic Identities - Spelling, Writing and Identity at UiS, 29-30 November, 2021;

      2021-11-29 - 2021-11-30.

    • Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth


      A study of the development of London English based on Late Medieval and Early Modern documentary evidence.

      Språkforum (10.11.2021);


    • Solberg-Harestad, Kenneth


      Cataloguing the people in MELD: Procedure, research possibilities and potential applications .

      Linguistic Identities Symposium at UiS, 12-13 September, 2019;

      2019-09-12 - 2019-09-13.

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