Øystein Devik Fjeldstad

Professor II i strategi

Handelshøgskolen UiS
Avd. for innovasjon, led. og mark.føring
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    • Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      Strategi Utgave 2.


      ISBN 978-82-450-2431-9.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Lunnan, Randi




      ISBN 9788245015409.

    • Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik; Thomas, Robert J.


      On governance in collaborative communities.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      ISBN 978-82-8247-095-7.

      Hefte 12/2014.

    • Phan, Binh; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      Network service innovation: Users' benefits from improving network structure.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      ISBN 978-82-8247-078-0.

      Hefte 4/2013.

    • Burkay, Ulas; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      The rise of mediating firms: The adoption of digital mediating technologies and the consequent re-organization of industries .

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      ISBN 978-82-8247-039-1.

      Hefte 4/2012.

    • Moen, Espen R; Riis, Christian; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.


      Competition with local network externalities.

      Hefte 7778.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Lorange, Peter


      Shaping Up Shipping: business models from an old industry with implications for modern globalization.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

    • Sasson, Amir; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      On mediation and affiliation: A study of information mediated network effects in the banking industry.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      ISBN 82-7042-655-5.

      Hefte 2/2005.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Andersen, Espen; Viken, Marie B.


      Verdiskaping og internasjonal konkurransedyktighet i norsk IKT-sektor.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      Hefte 11.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Stabell, Charles; Antonsen, Ann Kristin


      Value Creation and Strategic Positioning in Petroleum Exploration: Assessing the Revelance of the Value Shop Model.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      Hefte 15.

    • Haanes, Knut; Fjeldstad, Øystein


      The Strategic Link Between Competition and Competences.

      Handelshøyskolen BI.

      Hefte 10.

  • Formidling
    • Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      Organizing Large-Scale Distributed Problem Solving: the Case of Collaborative Drug Discovery.

      Strategic Management Society Special Conference on Sharing Strategies for the Connected World;

      2018-06-07 - 2018-06-09.

    • Haanæs, Knut; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      Which business models are most affected by digital?.

      The Smart Manager.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik; Phan, Binh; Sasson, Amir


      Intra-firm network structure and performance.

      the 6th Israel Strategy Conference;

      2015-12-20 - 2015-12-22.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Phan, Binh; Sasson, Amir


      Intra-firm Structure and Performance.

      SMS conference;

      2014-09-20 - 2014-09-23.

    • Phan, Binh; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Sasson, Amir


      Network Service Innovation: Mobile Broadband, Clustering and Organization Performance.

      Academy of Management Annual Meeting;

      2014-08-01 - 2014-08-05.

    • Phan, T. Binh; Engø-Monsen, Kenth; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.


      Using telephone network data to study the effects of socio demographics on ego network structure.

      NetMob 2013;

      2013-05-01 - 2013-05-03.

    • Kolbjørnsrud, Vegard; Fjeldstad, Øystein Devik


      Collaborative drug discovery: Governing large-scale distributed problem solving.

      2nd SMS India Special Conference 2013;

      2013-12-16 - 2013-12-18.

    • Snow, Charles C.; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Lettl, Christopher; Miles, Raymond E.



      Organizational Dynamics.

      ISSN 0090-2616.

      Volum 39.

      Hefte 2.


      DOI: 10.1016/j.orgdyn.2010.01.011

    • Fjeldheim, Paul H.


      Oppgjør og kompetansekrav.


      ISSN 0803-7345.

      Hefte 12.

    • Sasson, Amir; Burkay, Ulas; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.


      Expectation Formation and Market Growth in Mobile Communication Services.

      Academy of Management Conference.;

      2008-08-08 - 2008-08-13.

    • Snow, Charles C.; Lettl, Christopher; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Miles, R.


      Organizing for collaborative innovation: The community of firms model.

      The Harvard-MIT workshop on User and Open Innovation;

      2008-08-04 - 2008-08-06.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Miles, R.; Snow, Charles C.


      Using Networks and Communities to Innovate and Commercialize.

      How public management matters: strategy, networking, and local service performance;

      2008-12-03 - 2008-12-05.

    • Burkay, Ulas; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Sasson, Amir


      Expectation Formationa and Growth.

      Academy of Management Conference;

      2008-08-08 - 2008-08-13.

    • Gao, J; Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Burkay, Ulas


      Relation relevance and competitive advantage: Implications for international growth strategy in network economy.

      Strategic Management Society;

      2008-10-12 - 2008-10-15.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein D.; Løwendahl, Bente R.; Revang, Øivind


      From Strategic Planning to Strategizing and Organizing in Cyclical Processes - Strategic Management in KIFs.

      The 25th annual SMS conference;

      2005-10-23 - 2005-10-26.

    • Fjeldstad, Øystein; Andersen, Espen


      Casting off the chains: Value shops and value networks.

      European business forum : Europe's perspective on global manageme.

      ISSN 1469-6460.

      Hefte 14.


    • Fjeldstad, Øystein


      Value Creation and Appropriation in Network Industries: Externalities from Servicing Related Customers.

      Workshop on Competition and Cooperation;

      2002-05-05 - 2002-05-07.

    • Andersen, A.; Fjeldstad, Øystein; Viken, Marie


      Increasing the cake and splitting it too: interfirm relations through phases of technology and market development.

      The 17th annual IMP conference;

      2001-09-09 - 2001-09-11.

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