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My research interest is within professional relations, professional care, professional ethics, subjectivity and professional development.

I am post doctor at the Caring Futures: Developing care ethics for technology-mediated care practices (QUALITECH), a project financed by the Research Council of Norway. 

My post doctor project is titeled Professional Self-understandings and Ideals in a Technology-Mediated Relational Health Work. The aim of the project is to contribute to develop the care ethics theory for technology-mediated relational healt work. 

I am engaged in Psychosocietal Studies on professional identity development and learning. In focus of this approach is the individual's previous life experiences, drawing on psychoanlytic interpretation of subjective experiences, seen as produced by societal relations and representing an inner psychological modality of culture, and cultural phenomena and society the individual is situated within. 

I hold a Ph.d. from the University of Roskilde, Denmark with the dissertation A lifelong and Life-Wide Perspective on Students of Theology and Their Constructions of Themselves as Ministers (Finholt-Pedersen, 2018).

I gratuated as theologian from the Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society and hold a minor in Psychology from the University of Oslo. 

I a member of a research project investigating the concept of user participation in relation to infants. Questions to be investigated are if this concept is of relevance used on this group and the varieties of thinking related to this concept. 

I am a member of the International Research Group for Psycho-Societal Analysis and the network Gi barna en bedre start.

  • Vitenskapelige publikasjoner
    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      What Does It Mean to Become a Church Minister? Life History and Imagination of Future. I: The Societal Unconscious Psychosocial Perspectives on Adult Learning.


      ISBN 978-90-04-42025-0.


  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      Hva er det å være prest? Teologistudenter og subjektivitet en kvalitativ analyse.

  • Formidling
    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      Care for the elderly. Nurses' experiences in digital home based care, home based care and nursing homes. .

    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      Sykepleieres Selvforståelser.

    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      Sykepleieres beskrivelser av hvem de er og hva som er deres oppgaver. Utdrag fra kvalitative intervjuer med sykepleiere i eldreomsorgen.

    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete


      Livshistorie og valg av sykepleieryrket.

    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete; Nafstad, Hilde Eileen; Blakar, Rolv Mikkel


      Ethical challenges in training professionals: A study of students of theology.

    • Finholt-Pedersen, Sissel Merete; Nafstad, Hilde Eileen; Blakar, Rolv Mikkel


      Becoming a pastor: A study of students of theology.

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