Disputas for Amine Tadjer

Onsdag 25. januar 2023 kl. 10:00-15:00,

Amine Tadjer forsvarer sin avhandling om usikkerhetsanalyse for lagring i undergrunnen.

Published Sist oppdatert

Tadjer will be defending the thesis: “Robust Decision and Data Science Application for Reservoir Management: Probabilistic Forecasting, History Matching, Sequential Decision Making and Value-of-Information”.

The trial lecture and the disputation will take place in The University of Stavanger, Arne Rettedals hus Ø-120 at 10:00. Given trial lecture topic: “Use of Surrogate Models in Subsurface Storage Uncertainty Analysis”.

The defense can also be followed in this link

Meeting ID: 677 6979 5812
Password: 601613