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Centre for Learning Environment

Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education is both a research centre and a National Education Centre

PhD positions available

Apply before October 3rd

The EADP Summer Tour

September 2021

Facts about the Centre

The Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment aimes for a safe learning environment in kindergartens and schools thru research, education and information.

The Centre was established in 2013.


Research and development projects


Enhance well-being and motivation among lower secondary school


Enhancing Upper Secondary Students’ Engagement and Learning


motivation in upper secondary school

Playful learning

Scientifically based playful learning curriculum for 5-year-olds in daycare


Classroom interaction for enhanced student learning

The Agder Project

An intervention to promote school readiness and human potential

News from the centre

Three PhD positions at Centre for Learning Environment

The Centre for Learning Environment, University of Stavanger, Norway, has three PhD positions open for applications. Dea...

International EADP Conference on bullying starts Friday 17th

Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education and University of Stavanger host the dig...

Natalia Kucirkova’s book wins the UKLA Academic Book Award 2021

Professor Natalia Kucirkova has won the UKLA Academic Book Award 2021 for her book ‘How and Why to Read and Create Child...

The first dataset is published in UiS Open Research Data

Janine Anne Campbell is the first researcher to publish in the UiS archive for open research data.

Identity in peril

With her latest book " The Future of the Self: Understanding Personalization in Childhood and Beyond ", Natalia Kucirkov...

Analysis finds that digital picture books may harm young children’s learning

A comprehensive meta-analysis of prior research has found, overall, that children ages 1 to 8 were less likely to unders...

Award to UiS-professor in a strong international competition

Professor Natalia Kucirkova from the Centre for Learning Environment is awarded the Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowshi...