Rektors tale til studentane ved semesterstart 2023

Rector Klaus Mohn welcomed the students to a new academic year during the opening ceremony at Campus Ullandhaug today. Read the speech here.

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Rektor Klaus Mohn med rektorkjede står på scenen og taler

Dear students,

It is really nice to see you all here! I would like to welcome every single one of you to UiS and the university community!

A warm welcome to our international students. Our campus is a community, with 2,000 employees and 12,000 students. Inspired by curiosity, competence, and companionship, our hope is that you will thrive and grow during your years with us.

The start of semester in August is a high point and a special occasion for everyone here at UiS. Today, we welcome new students from near and far, all of whom get the University of Stavanger as an arena for a new phase in life. Very inspiring and exciting for all of us!

Many of you here today were born in 2004, the same year we became a university. Like most 19-year-olds, I like to think that we are a little braver and a little more willing to take risks than institutions older than ourselves. Maybe it is the same for you too. I really hope that is the case. As a UiS student, you should have high expectations of us – and of yourself.

At UiS, you will receive an education based on the latest and most advanced research. Using factual knowledge and science, we will do our part to equip you for a future career, but also for life in general.

How well it goes depends largely on yourself. You are responsible for your own success, and you are the one who must work hard and reflect on various topics in your programme of study, in good collaboration with lecturers and fellow students.

At our university, everyone should be able to express their opinion and the level of tolerance is high. At the same time, one must tolerate being confronted, as long as it is done with respect. Only in this way can we ensure a civilised debate, which is an important source of knowledge and insight.

Climate change is a challenge that will continue to affect us all. There will most likely be more and more extreme weather, and perhaps even natural disasters, several examples of which we have seen this summer. Therefore, it is imperative that we find solutions.  

UiS is investing heavily in the green shift and is facilitating green choices. This is where youthful creativity, determination and drive come in handy. I hope you will get involved. By preparing yourself for a working life in transition, you can help show the way for a greener future.

Your time here at university is so much more than just your studies! Find extra energy and motivation for the reading hall by being social, finding friends, having fun and getting involved! Your time here at university can then offer good memories – and friends for life. 

Challenge the well-known. Explore the unknown. Our common motto can hopefully inspire you as a student as well. 

Welcome to the University of Stavanger, and good luck in your life as a student!