Shall We Read? Shared Reading at the Bjergsted library

Monday 11 March 2024 11:30-12:00,
Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Bjergsted.

Gjør deg klar for en månedlig dose bokglede. Vi samles i biblioteket for en avslappet lunsj med høytlesning, og vi håper at du vil bli med!

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Plakat for høytlesning i biblioteket

Hey bookworms and literary explorers!

Get ready for a monthly dose of bookish delight at our "Shall We Read?" gathering! We're meeting up at the library for a laid-back lunchtime read, and we want YOU to be part of the fun.

We're diving into all kinds of books – fiction, academic, sci-fi, poetry, you name it. Consider this your opportunity to take a break from your studies, connect with others, and savor the joy of reading together. No need to read anything beforehand – just bring your lunch and an open mind!

Whether you're a seasoned book guru or a literary newbie, everyone's welcome!