Webinar: Open access publishing of journal articles

Tuesday 7 May 2024 09:00-11:00,

Are you struggling with open access? Are you unsure of which journals you should publish in?

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In this webinar, we will go through the UiS policies and guidelines for open access publishing, including the rights retention strategy. 

We will talk about the different paths to open access as well as initiatives and support functions UiS has for this, including publisher agreements, economic support for paying publishing fees (APC), and how you can self-archive your article in the institutional repository.   

We will show you some tools you can use to find suitable journals, to learn about each journal’s open access options, and to find out if a journal is reliable or predatory. 

Target audience: PhD candidates and staff at UiS.

Teaching method: Lecture and discussion.

No. of participants: 50.

Language: English.

Where: Teams.

Registration needed.

After the course you should be familiar with: 

  • Basic principles for open access publishing at UiS 
  • Open access policy and rights retention policy 
  • Publisher agreements 
  • Self-archiving in the institutional repository 
  • UiS publishing support 
  • Journal quality assessment