In the clouds at the Oil Fund

My summer job: Computer student Dikshant Devkota works with cloud security at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), better known as the Oil Fund.

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Nicolai Tangen, CEO NBIM, og Dikshant Devkota, datastudent UiS
– My dream workplace is to work in a company like NBIM where they value effort, hard work and commitment, says UiS student Dikshant Devkota, here together with Nicolai Tangen, CEO of NBIM.

Hi Dikshant, what are you doing this summer?

I got the great opportunity to work at one of the best workplaces in Norway, NBIM in Oslo, for 8 weeks this summer.
We are 29 students at summer internship. I am the only one from UiS and the only international student in the group. It is almost the end of the summer job, yet it feels like I have been here for a long time. I have learned many things about cloud technology and cloud security with the outstanding team at NBIM. 

How did you get the summer internship?

Only five percent of the total number of applicants were accepted for an internship. Last September I submitted a Summer Internship application to NBIM and I was called in for an interview with both a technical and a finance team who were interested in my CV.
With four years of experience in development, I chose to go forth with the technical team. I had to go through two rounds of interviews, one technical and one HR interview. 

Dikshant Devkota, datastudent ved UiS

Can you tell us a bit about what you do at work?

​We are a team of three people working on a project that is focused on cloud resource governance as a first line of defense for the security of all the resources used in NBIM.
We are making sure cloud users won't mess up while creating the resources. If so, we notify them by mail from the security governance service called AWS Config.

How has the study programme prepared you for work?

Since I have worked as an IT developer prior to my master's, I have always been curious about the security aspect of the subject. My study program helped me understand more about the importance of security in today's world. What I have learnt in my first year at UiS has been handy since it was easy for me to grab and take on tasks at NBIM.

Will you have any time off to enjoy the holiday, then?

As an intern, we don’t have vacation days, but we have a very flexible and healthy work environment. My manager gave me permission to take a Friday off if I worked extra for a few days to cover it up. I had a long weekend off, where I went to visit Italy (Rome, Pompeii, and Venice).

What is your dream job after graduation?

My dream workplace is to work in a company such as NBIM where they value employees' input, hard work, and dedication. It is a wonderful environment. I would like to keep on working in the technical field, preferably somewhere similar to this summer job with new and challenging tasks.

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