David Wengrow: A new history of humanity and the roots of inequality – the Henrik Steffens Lecture 2023

Wednesday 29 November 2023 18:00-20:00,
Auditorium 1.

David Wengrow challenges the established idea that development has followed a straight line from primitive hunter-gatherer societies to complex, hierarchical states. The famous British archaeologist and best-selling author is the first speaker as the University of Stavanger initiates a new annual lecture series.

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Portrett av mann med frakk og skjerf mot grønn bakgrunn
David Wengrow. Photo: Antonio Olmos

David Wengrow visits the University of Stavanger to give us a new history of humanity.

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In his best-selling book The Dawn of Everything – a new history of humanity he and co-author David Graeber, debunk myths about our early history, social development, and the origin of inequality. 

The University of Stavanger invites you to the very first Henrik Steffens Lecture, the beginning of an annual tradition at the university. Here we want to celebrate academic achievements and promote the free exchange of knowledge and ideas.

This event is open and free for all.

18.00: Doors open. Enjoy some light refreshments and the cozy atmosphere.
18.30 to 20.00: The Henrik Steffens Lecture
20.00-23.00: Tappetårnet offers beverages from their mobile bar and the student bar is open.

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We encourage car-free travel. The are are bus stops right by the venue. Guest parking is available at Hestmarka.
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