Innovation in Research Projects (TN910)

The purpose of the course is to raise the PhD candidates' awareness of the practical implications of their research. This includes understanding how research results can lead to innovation, i.e. be implemented to achieve the intended benefits to society. Another purpose is to raise the candidates' awareness of wider societal implications of research and innovation and the role of research in the green transition.

Course description for study year 2024-2025. Please note that changes may occur.


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The course content is primarily aimed at PhD-candidates in the natural sciences and technology but can also fit candidates from other areas.

Among themes that will be covered are:

  • Definitions and different types of value of innovation in research
  • Innovation theory and the main players
  • Innovation through time
  • Stakeholders and Social Construction of Technology
  • Rights and obligations related to Technology Transfer in research
  • Project management of research projects
  • Sustainability in our research and the road to a green transition

Learning outcome

The course shall give the student an understanding of the theoretical foundation and the practical application in the areas of innovation, innovation management and entrepreneurship. After having taken this course the student should have the following knowledge, skills and general competence:


  • Knowledge of the value of innovation in research projects
  • Knowledge of the main theories and actors of innovation
  • Insight into the history of innovation
  • Knowledge of the rights and obligations related to Technology Transfer in research


  • Understand central problems associated with managing complex cross-disciplinary work assignments and projects.
  • Assess the need for, take initiative to and manage innovation.
  • Evaluate and relate research to the sustainability goals

General competence

  • Combinatory skills across disciplines

Required prerequisite knowledge



Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Assigment 1/1 Passed / Not Passed

The candidates shall submit a paper that must be accepted in order to pass the course.

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator:

Knut Erik Bang

Course teacher:

Eric Christian Brun

Head of Department:

Tore Markeset

Method of work

Lectures, workshops and guided self-study.

Open for

The course is mandatory for candidates of UiS' PhD-program in natural sciences and technology. Other PhD-candidates must apply for admission to the course.

Course assessment

There must be an early dialogue between the course supervisor, the student union representative and the students. The purpose is feedback from the students for changes and adjustments in the course for the current semester.In addition, a digital subject evaluation must be carried out at least every three years. Its purpose is to gather the students experiences with the course.


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