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A digital tool that strengthens students' belief in their learning opportunities launched

All upper secondary schools in Norway can now use the digital tool U-Say. The UiS Business School has participated in the development of the instrument.

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U-Say er et digitalt verktøy som styrker elevenes tro på egne læringsmuligheter.

Several studies show that students have different views on their opportunities to learn, and Stanford researcher Carol Dweck describes it as two different mindsets: fixed and growth.

With a fixed mindset, it is believed that it is the talent that is crucial for learning, while people with a growth mindset believe that hard work gives them new knowledge and skills.

Tools to give students a more growth mindset

U-Say is an online tool developed to give students in high school a more growth mindset and strengthen students' belief in their learning opportunities

Students learn about what happens in the brain when learning, the importance of challenging tasks and different learning strategies, and that striving and making mistakes are part of the learning process.

Tested in randomized controlled trials

Mari Rege fra Handelshøgskolen ved UiS og Elin Svensen fra Rogaland fylkeskommune.

The tool has been developed through a collaboration between Rogaland County Municipality and researchers at the University of Stavanger, the University of Oslo, Stanford and the University of Texas. Professor Mari Rege from the UiS Business School has been the project manager. Ingeborg Foldøy Solli and May-Linn Auestad from the UiS Business School have also participated.

The research group has tested U-Say in several randomized controlled trials with thousands of students. The research shows that by teaching students about what happens in the brain when learning, performance improves, and engagement increases.

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National launch

On Monday, 25 January, U-Say was launched at a webinar organized by Rogaland County Municipality. The tool can now be used free of charge by all upper secondary schools in the country.

How to strengthen students' belief in their own learning opportunities?

Start using U-Say

Give students a growth mindset