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Mari Rege

Professor of Economics, UiS Business School

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Mari Rege is a Professor of Economics at the UiS Business School at the University of Stavanger where she also heads the UiS’s Program Area of Labor Economics and directs Synapse Lab.

Rege specializes in the fields of economics of education, labor economics and behavioral economics. She has published her research in high impact journals such as The Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Labor Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of Public Economics and American Psychologist. Rege is the co-founder and co-director of Synapse Lab, a cross-disciplinary lab at the UiS conducting large scale field experiments investigating motivation and learning in education and worklife.

Rege is an Op-Ed columnist in Dagens Næringsliv. She has had several commission memberships for the Norwegian government. Currently, she is a member of The Norwegian Commission on Skill Needs (Kompetansebehovsutvalget), which is asked to provide the best possible evidence-based assessment of Norway’s future skill needs.

Current research projects


Well-being, motivation and achievement

The Agder Project

Leveling the playing field


Shaping students' learning expectations

Playful learning

A more intentional preschool practice

Two Teachers

The effects of more teachers in class

Mari Rege
Contact information

E-mail: mari.rege@uis.no Phone: (+47) 51 83 37 21 Twitter: @marisrege

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Synapse Lab

A cross-disciplinarian laboratory for research on learning and motivation

Selected publications

Selected publications by professor Mari Rege

artikkel Mari Rege
Article in the American Psychologist

Rege, M., Størksen, I., Solli, I.F., Kalil, A., McClelland, M., Braak, D.T., Lenes, R., Lunde, S., Breive, S., Carlsen, M. and Erfjord, I. 2021. “The Effects of a Structured Curriculum on Preschool Effectiveness: A Field Experiment”, Journal of Human Resources, preprint doi:10.3368/jhr.0220-10749R3

Rege, M., Hanselman, P., Solli, I. F., Dweck, C. S., Ludvigsen, S., Bettinger, E., Crosnoe, R., Muller, C., Walton, G., Duckworth, A., & Yeager, D. S. (2021). How can we inspire nations of learners? An investigation of growth mindset and challenge-seeking in two countries. American Psychologist, 76(5), 755–767.

Bettinger, E., S. Ludvigsen, M. Rege, I. Solli, & D. Yeager, 2018. “Increasing Perseverance in Math: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Norway,” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 146, 1-15.

Kalil, A., M. Mogstad, M. Rege, M., & M. E. Votruba, 2016, “Father presence and the intergenerational transmission of educational attainment”, Journal of Human Resources, 51(4), p. 869-899.

Bettinger, E.P., T. Hægeland, T. and M. Rege, 2014, “Home with Mom:  The Effects of Stay-at-Home Parents on Children's Long-Run Educational Outcomes”, Journal of Labor Economics, 32(3), p. 443-467.

Rege, M, K. Telle and M. Votruba, 2011, “Parental Job Loss and Children’s School Performance”, The Review of Economic Studies, 78(4), p. 1462-1489.

Cooper, D. and M. Rege, 2011, “Social Interaction Effects and Choice Under Uncertainty: An Experimental Study”, Games and Economic Behavior 73, p. 91-110.

Op-Ed Columnist

Rege is an Op-Ed columnist in the main Norwegian financial newspaper (Articles in Norwegian only)


Dagens Næringsliv (DN)

Op-ed articles in the Aftenposten 2008 - 2012:

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