In case of emergency

What do you do when an emergency occurs?

1. Call first:

If you are in doubt, CALL!

110 - Fire brigade    
112 - Police
113 - Ambulance

When notifying, tell them:

  • Who you are
  • What has happened
  • Where the incident happened/address
  • How many or what is hurt
  • Other circumstances to consider such as fire, leakage etc.

2. Do this if there is a serious unwanted event:

Look for signs of life:

Can you wake the person?

Does the person have free airways?

Is the person breathing normally?

Call 1-1-3

Put it on speaker phone

If the person is unconscious

and not breathing normally

start CPR


Send someone to meet the ambulance

Find closest defibrilator here


Notify the fire department by calling 1-1-0


Evacuate the building


Try extinguishing the fire with a fire hose or other hand held extinguishing equipment

Call the police 1-1-2 (if you are able to do so)


if you can

Get to a safe place, NOT any fire assembly points


If you can't run

Lock the door, turn off the lights, and put your phone on silent


If you have no other choice

Attack fast and targeted toward weapons, eyes, neck - get the person down

You should always ask for help once too many than once to few.

There is help available!  

If an acute situation occur, contact: 

  • 116117: Emergency room contact (if the situation is under control).
  • If it is an acute life-threatening situation, call emergency number 113 ambulance (112 Police).
  • 515 14 545: Ambulant actute team (AAT) (Stavanger department). This offer is also available in Sandnes and Sola, to see more AAT offers, click here
  • Psyciatric nurse: Ring Stavanger legevakt (emergency room) and schedule an appointment
  • Contact your GP: Your GP can send you further to other relevant services. 

You can also contact: 

  • 515 15 959: TIPS-phone, Early Discovering and Treatment of Psycosis (Tidlig oppdagelse og behandling av psykoser)
  • 224 00 040: Kirkens SOS (lowest threshold for help, available 24/7) 

If an emergency or unwanted situation were to appear while you are on a stay abroad, it is important to know who you can contact for aid.

1. Call the local emergency number to notify about the event.

2. Call the International Office at your host institution or their emergency number

3. Call UiS's emergency phone

+47 417 75 566

4. Call the Norwegian seamen's church emergency phone

+ 47 951 19 181

5. In the event of serious incidents, contact the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

+47 22 24 90 90, or send an e-mail to UDops@mfa.no181

6. Contact your insurance company and travel agency if necessary

You can also call the closest Norwegian embassy for assistance; you can find the number in the Norwegian Seamen's church mobile app. We also advise you to follow any directions and advice from local authorities.

3. Call UiS to inform about the event

(As soon as you have time)

+ 47 417 75 566

UiS emergency number

Find defibrilators

Click here for an interactive map

Other help offers

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