Fixing France: How to Repair a Broken Republic

Thursday 30 May 2024 10:15-11:15,
Universitetsbiblioteket, campus Ullandhaug.

Journalist and author Nabila Ramdani will speak about the chaos in France.

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fixing france

France is creaking at the seams. Growing socio-political inequality, constant threats from far-right movements, and a lack of social and economic mobility characterize the country. The instability in French society leads to major popular movements protesting against the authorities and making headlines worldwide. 

This is the backdrop for Nabila Ramdani's latest book, "Fixing France: How to repair a Broken Republic," where she provides both diagnosis and prescription for France. Ramdani is an author and award-winning journalist. With her French-Algerian background and upbringing in a neglected suburb of Paris, she views French society from a minority perspective. 

Bjørn Kvalsvik Nicolaysen, professor of reading studies (UiS), and David Alexandre-Wagner, associate professor of history (UiS), will also participate in the conversation. Kvalsvik Nicolaysen is highly knowledgeable about French politics and social life, and has written a lot about France in Norwegian media. Alexandre-Wagner has devoted significant portions of his academic career to French history and society." 

The conversation will be moderated by Jonas Fossli Gjersø, Associate professor in History at the Faculty of Arts and Education UiS. 

The event is free of charge and open for anyone interested, no sign up needed. 

Breakfast will be served. 

Language: English