Daryna takes Postgraduate Diploma at the Faculty of Performing Arts

- I wanted to study under professor Ellen Nisbeth and explore Scandinavian traditions.

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Daryna Lishchenko postgraduate diploma
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  • Name: Daryna Lyshchenko.
  • I'm from: Ukraine.
  • At the University of Stavanger I study: 
    Postgraduate Diploma in music performance (viola). 

Take small steps everyday and do not compare yourself to others. You are unique!

Daryna Lishchenko

8 quick questions

I chose this study because:

I wanted to study under professor Ellen Nisbeth and explore Scandinavian traditions. 

How is everyday life as a student at Postgraduate Diploma programme:

I have a quite free schedule, meeting with my professor, discussing, working on the programme. Practicing and developing my artistic performance skills every single day.

How is the student environment at Postgraduate Diploma programme:

It is a very supportive and calm atmosphere, always nice to go together with other students SSO (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra) concerts and share our thoughts afterwards. 

This is my dream job:

Symphony or chamber orchestra player.

My favorite activities on Campus Bjergsted are: 

Listening to vinyl recordings in the the library.

This is typical Stavanger:   

Don’t forget your raincoat!

This is what I like to do in my spare time:

Running and go hiking as soon as season starts! 

Here are my three top tips to the future students:

  • Plan your week ahead.
  • Take small steps everyday.
  • Do not compare yourself to anyone. You are unique! 

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