Department of Classical Music

Department of Classical Music at the Faculty of Performing Art, University of Stavanger, is located on Bjergsted campus close to the city center in the heart of Bjergsted Cultural Park, with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and the Stavanger Concert Hall as its nearest neighbors.

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In December 2019, the University of Stavanger and the Faculty of Performing Arts invited to their annual Christmas concert in St. Petri church
Students at Vigdel beach, Studenter på Vigdelstranden
Photo: Morten Berentsen

The classical music scene in Bjergsted is characterized by an international atmosphere

As a student of classical music, you receive individual tuition in your primary instrument, in addition to group tuition and several supplementary subjects. The academic year is divided into teaching timetable and project weeks. During the project weeks, the students participate in chamber music, vocal and orchestra projects, among others. Subjects such as theory, auditory learning, and music history are taught in the first department, semester 1 to 4. In the second department, semester 5 to 8, you can choose subjects that range from creative interaction processes to entrepreneurship. The University of Stavanger collaborates with other institutions both nationally and internationally and offers extensive opportunities for international exchange. 

Close collaboration with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Bjergsted Culture Park is established as a culture cluster for Stavanger and has an impressive classical music scene, characterized by an international atmosphere. The Department of Classical Music at the Faculty of Performing Arts is located in the neighboring building to Stavanger Concert Hall and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Several of the professional musicians from the orchestra are employed by the faculty and teach at The Department of Classical Music. The proximity and cultural atmosphere in Bjergsted promote opportunities for artistic and practical collaboration. The Faculty of Performing Arts is an institution of just the right size for its objective to ensure that students are recognized and receive inclusive guidance on a day to day basis. 

Musical interaction and concert activities 

Musical interaction and concert activities are fully integrated into the study plan. Students get to participate in chamber music projects, ensembles, opera, choir- and orchestra projects. We emphasize students to contribute and participate by organizing productions and concerts as part of the study process.

Internationally recognized educators

In addition to highly qualified and internationally recognized teachers in our own staff, we receive unique visits from leading educators and musicians from Norway and abroad for masterclasses. Classical music students share facilities on campus with performing jazz and dance students - a unique combination of performing arts located on campus.


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Bjergsted 1
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Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10:00-11:30 and 12:00-14:00
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Universitetet i Stavanger
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Academic Community and Staff at The Department of Classical Music

Head of Department
Faculty of Performing Arts
Department of Classical Music

Depending on how far the individual student has reached in his / her course of study, we emphasize the development of a personal musical voice. The one-year programme and bachelor's programme lay the foundation for a lifelong development within performing music. For further education we offer a master's programme and Postgraduate Diploma, increasingly focused on developing specialized knowledge aimed for a flexible labor market. It is also possible to take a Ph.D. in performing music.

You can choose classical music as a specialization for all our programmes in performing music.

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