Kathy Lette traced her roots at UiS

When the world-renowned writer Kathy Lette traced her roots in the Australian TV program "Who Do You Think You Are?", she ended up in Stavanger and at UiS.

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Tyson Retz
Kathy Lette and Tyson Retz. Photo: Warner Bros.

Kathy Lette has written 17 best-selling books in over 120 countries, and is known as an outspoken and strong feminist.

All her life she has struggled with insecurity. Like many other Australians, she knows little about her origins and has always wanted to know more about her family tree.

When the production company Warner Bros contacted her and asked if she wanted to look for her roots in the popular Australian TV show 'Who Do You Think You Are?', she said yes.

Gets help from UiS

A DNA test shows that Kathy Lette is 17 percent Norwegian, and the journey takes her all the way from Australia to the University of Stavanger.

In the episode, she tries to find out why her great-grandparents moved to the other side of the globe, and she gets good help from Tyson Retz, who is an associate professor in history at the University of Stavanger. He tracks down her ancestors.

Tyson Retz
Kathy Lette and Tyson Retz at The Data Lab at Stavanger University Library. Photo: Warner Bros.
Kathy Lette
Kathy Lette in Stavanger. Photo: Warner Bros.