Learning Support Center

The Learning Support Center offers individual guidance to students at UiS who have dyslexia and/or ADHD.

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Learning Support Center
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Send an email to book an appointment for guidance.

Sensitive information

Note: Avoid sending sensitive information by email.

Our location:

The Learning Support Center is a part of the University Library. You can find us on the 2nd floor in Kjølv Egelands house (A-280)

We offer individual guidance.

What can the Learning Support Center help you with?

Academic guidance

We offer individual guidance to students who experience academic challenges due to dyslexia and/or ADHD. During busy periods, this guidance may be provided by the Study Lab.

Academic writing

You can receive help with: • understanding essay questions • getting started with your writing • developing your thesis statement • structuring your writing • ensuring logical flow and effective transitions • evaluating sources • citing sources

Study skills

You can receive help with: • academic reading • note-taking techniques • time management

Note: We do not provide second language instruction, proofreading/editing or subject tutoring.

Assistance with applications

We offer help with: • application for special exam arrangements (requires documentation) • application regarding extension of submission date for home-exam, bachelor’s or master’s thesis (requires documentation) • application to NAV for Lingdys reading and writing tool (requires documentation of reading and writing difficulties from a professional) • application to Lånekassen for additional grant due to reduced functional ability (requires documentation of dyslexia)

When you come for your appointment

Bring along dyslexia or ADHD documentation.

Would you like assistance? Contact us:


Note: Avoid sending sensitive information by email.

What are the rights of students with learning disabilities?

Special exam arrangements

If you have a disability or a health problem that entails significant inconvenience during an exam, you may apply for special examination arrangements. You may also apply for bilingual dictionary if Norwegian is not your mother tongue.

Extension of submission date for home exam, bachelor- or master’s thesis

You can apply for extended time on home exams, your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and other assignments.

Audio books and e-books

Tibi lends out audio books and e-books. Anyone who has difficulties reading printed text due to disability or illness may join Tibi. The service is free.

Writing tool

The reading and writing tool Lingdys is designed to help people who have dyslexia or other forms of reading and writing difficulties. The combination of spell checking, dictionaries, word completion, screen reader and artificial speech allows the program to provide comprehensive and effective help with both reading and writing in Norwegian and English.

Additional grant

The additional grant for applicants with reduced functional ability is intended for applicants who are capable of studying, but due to reduced functional ability, use so much time and energy on their studies, that they cannot engage in paid employment while also studying, without this affecting their normal educational progress.

Privacy policy for the Learning Support Center

Privacy policy

The Learning Support Center processes personal data in order to advise students who have special needs, provide assistance with applications and test for reading and writing difficulties.

Questions about the Learning Support Center? Contact us:

Division of Research
Stavanger University Library
Division of Research
Stavanger University Library

Contact us if you have questions or to book an appointment.

Send an email to:


Privacy policy:

Note: Avoid sending sensitive information by email.