Andreas took his bachelor's degree in Sweden and chose to come to Stavanger for a master

- At the Faculty of Performing Arts I quickly got to know many great fellow students both in the cello and other sections.

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Andreas Jara mastergradstudent cello
Photo: Alexander Svanes
  • Name and age: Andreas Wetås Jara, 25 years old
  • I'm from: Sandnes
  • At the University of Stavanger I study: Master in classical music, cello

I often meet cellists who have studied in Stavanger, and I am proud to become a part of them when I finish my studies here.

Andreas W. Jara , master student

I chose this study because:

First of all, I chose to study in Stavanger because of the teachers and the wonderful cello section here at the faculty. The classes are led by Liv Opdal and Ilmari Hopkins, and the cello section is very diverse with students from several nationalities. Our section has common lessons for all the students together during the year, and not least concerts with both solo repertoire and separate concerts for cello ensemble - when our guest professor from Spain is visiting. I often meet cellists who have studied in Stavanger, and I am proud to become a part of them when I finish my studies here.

In Stavanger you will get prepared for your professional life in the best possible wat. The faculty is next door to the Stavanger Concert Hall and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. This means that we, students, can be guided in our studies by the professional musicians in the orchestra and get master classes with the wonderful soloists who come to perform at Stavanger Concert Hall. We get also an opportunity to substitute in various ways in the orchestra under the direction of international conductors and musicians.

How is the everyday life for a Master student?

It gives you good time to practice, and it is easy to book practice rooms online in advance so you can plan your schedule well in advance. I have also had various projects and external assignments in addition to my study. Those times when I was the soloist with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, I have had the opportunity to practice with our department’s student ensemble and the conducting section to prepare myself better for the assignments.

As a master student you will also have your own projects together with other master's and PDM (Post graduate diploma) students. These projects are often led by professors Bjarte Engeset or Are Sandbakken. This fall we have the main theme “music in the interwar period”, this means that several music researchers will give lectures on music and art created during that period, and our concerts and projects will have the interwar theme throughout the semester.

How is the atmosphere at the faculty and how did I get to know my fellow students:

After taking a bachelor’s degree in Sweden, it was exciting to start at a completely new university. At UiS Bjergsted I quickly got to know many great fellow students both in the cello and other sections. Apart from parties and events organized by the student union, UiS has its own concert series called "Classical Wednesday" at the restaurant The Garden in Stavanger. Here, if you ask me, they serve one of the best pizzas in Norway. What could better than a concert with professors and students from the faculty and good food? The cello section also has really nice gatherings, but you have to be a real fan of cello to get something out of these evenings.

This is my dream job:

I am very inspired by our teachers who are such wonderful musicians and I hope I can make my living from music in as many ways as they do, both through interaction with others in chamber music and orchestra, teaching and musical research. During my studies, I have also experienced that making a living from music is not only a job, but also a lifestyle.

My favourite activities at Campus Bjergsted:

Between rehearsals, it is incredibly nice to take a walk in the Bjergsted parc, in the Old town or just go down to the sea. All this is right around the corner. There is also a very cosy corner in the canteen, and here you risk in sitting and chatting with other students little too long. If you need a little break from a busy everyday life, you can either go to the quiet library, or take a power nap in one of the faculty's many comfortable chairs or sofas.

This is typical Stavanger:

One of the most important expressions in Stavanger is “Javel”. It can mean “hello”, “how are you”, “weather is nice today” or “it’s good to see you”. If you have a need for a stronger expression, use “Herliga Låndån” or “Herlighed”.
We are not spoiled with good weather here, but once the sun is out, everyone forgets what they were doing and head out to one of the beautiful beaches. In winter, the colourful street of Stavanger is amazingly beautiful with all its’ lightening, and when the snow comes, the Christmas atmosphere is complete.

This is what I like to do in my spare time:

I like to cook, go for walks and hang out with friends, both musicians and other great people from the area. I have to admit that music takes up a lot of time (also spare), and there are so many good concert venues in Stavanger.

Here are my three top tips to this year’s applicants:

  • Have a good breakfast on the exam day
  • Contact the university or the student council if you have any questions – they are very helpful and nice
  • The admission committee is there to see your best sides, so be proud of what you are doing and enjoy performing your favourite music!