Mona studies Master of prehospital critical care

"UiS was the only University which offered Master of prehospital critical care. Also as a matter of fact, Stavanger has a nice weather as well as a nice beach" says Mona Rafiei.

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Mona Rafiei

Name and study programme?

My name is Mona Rafiei. I am studying Master of prehospital critical care.

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I go hiking and spend time with my international friends. Hearing about my cohort students’ experiences and discussing similarities and differences is also exciting.

Why did you choose to study Master of prehospital critical care?

I was graduated in Bachelor of Nursing and have been working as a nurse and paramedic. This program was a best fit to my experience and my prospects

Why did you choose Stavanger and UiS?

UiS was the only university which offers Master of prehospital critical care. Also, as a matter of fact, Stavanger has a nice weather as well as a nice beach.

Why did you choose your specialization?

As an emergency room nurse, I visited many patients transferred by EMS every day. After a while, I wondered that I may be more interested in out of hospital care. I got a job as a paramedic and everyday I liked it more. The course covers what a critical thinker paramedic will need, so I chose it.

How does a typical day at UiS look for you?

A typical day starts at the SiS sportssenter. I like attending different library events especially “Researchers breakfast” and academic writing courses. Otherwise, I would study in library and enjoy the dynamic environment. Shopping and cooking are the afternoon routines. University’s cafeterias are also cozy places in busy days.

Do you have any memories from your time here til now?

My memories and experiences in UiS are all pleasant. Among all, I can name Fadderuke, which was a great introduction and worked as “fast orientation” week plus a lot of fun and engaging with new community. I also liked the first day of the course. In the very first day, course director had planned a riddle competition that was adopted to a paramedic’s skills.

Do you have any advice for future students?

This course is built on the students’ experiences. I would advise them to look at their everyday challenges and experiences carefully because all of them will be discussed during different modules in the course.

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