Library resources: Media and social science

Information and useful links to scientific and subject-relevant sources for research and studies in media and social sciences. The library gives you access to resources in sociology, political science, change management, media studies, documentary production and energy, environment, and society.

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The library collection

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Atekst: Retriever media archive

Access to norwegian newspapers.

Kanopy: movie streaming

Get access to award-winning films and documentaries.

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Useful resources for media and social studies

The library gives you access to a number of journals and databases that are particularly relevant for media and social studies.

Remember to get library remote access if you are not on campus.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

For books that are available in the library, you must search in Oria to find out where the book is located in the library.

The library at Ullandhaug is sorted by Dewey number, and it is this number that shows you where the book is. Dewey numbers are read by first finding the number before the period, then the number after the period, and finally the book is listed alphabetically by the last letters.

  • 070 - News and journalism
  • 150. - Psychology
  • 301 - Sociology
  • 808.066 - Academic writing

In the library we have many printed newspapers. In addition, we have digital access to many Norwegian newspapers.

At Oria you get access to the media archive Atekst (Retriever) and the National Library's online library, which can be used to access Norwegian newspapers and articles in full text.

In Oria you will find an overview of which databases are relevant for media and social studies. Some of the databases are openly available, but you need UiS access to use most of them. Use library remote access if you are not on campus.

In the library we have a number of printed journals, and you get access to all our online journals with library remote access.

Some of the journals in Browzine

Media studies:
Social studies:

In UiS Brage, you get access to doctoral theses, master's theses and other research published at UiS. You will find publications from students and staff.

Help with your writing

The library offers several services that help you to get started and take care of important elements in assignment writing.

Citations and sources

The most used citation style at UiS is American Psychological Association (APA). There are several useful software that can keep track of your sources and help you insert citations and bibliography in your preferred citation style. The library offers classes in Zotero and Endnote. These are good tools, but they will not do all the work for you. You must always check your sources to make sure they are correct before using them.

Academic writing

Need help with academic writing? Book guidance with student mentors from The Study Lab at Stavanger University Library.

Research and publishing

The library can help you with many steps of the publishing process. We can assist you with open access, choosing the right journal, and publishing on UiS Publishing Platforms.

Research and publishing

The library can help you with many steps of the publishing process.