Lykketreff - a meeting between students and businesses

Master's students at the Department of Media and Social Sciences have the opportunity to do an internship through an elective course. This week they were invited to Lykketreff. An event that creates a unique platform where students and organisations can meet to explore opportunities.

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Opening doors to new opportunities

Lykketreff gave master's students at the department the opportunity to explore internships.

It's not just about helping students find internships. Lykketreff aimed to give students and organisations the opportunity to meet each other through openness and creativity. This makes it possible to come across something amazing by chance. Businesses also benefit from meeting potential internship students taking the MENPRA course.

The internship course will contribute to increased awareness of one's own role and knowledge in specific tasks. The students will have practical training in organisations where they can experience how the study programme is useful in an ordinary work situation. The university is responsible for finding and approving the organisations. The internship period is from August to December and the student will take part in dedicated work tasks/areas in the organisation they are placed in.

Studenter på arrangementet Lykketreff.
Studenter på arrangementet Lykketreff.
Bidragsytere fra FN-sambandet.
Studenter på arrangementer lykketreff.

The purpose of lucky strikes:

  • Networking: Establish contact between organisations and talented students who could be the key to your company's future success.
  • Opportunities: Create opportunities for organisations to discover potential internship candidates, future employees and new perspectives.
  • Collaboration: Exchanging ideas and exploring opportunities for growth together.

The event facilitated good dialogue between the companies and the students. Hopefully this will lead to good and instructive internships!

See which companies offer internships through the MENPRA course.

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