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At the Museum of Archaeology, you meet the past in new and modern exhibitions. Here you get the story of all those who have lived and worked here before us, and experience how they have lived their lives and adapted to the changing climate and natural environment through the millennia.

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Come and see the real objects: The arrowhead used in hunting 8000 years ago, the shiny bronze jewelery that Regekvinna brought with her to the grave, and the sword that the Viking swung in battle. At the Museum of Archaeology, we take a look at the entire prehistory of Rogaland, from the first people came here until the Middle Ages

Utstilling på Arkeologisk museum
The Exhibition "Solkult. Myter. Mystikk. Bronsealderkvinna si verd" at the Museum of Archaeology. Photo: Annette Øvrelid, Arkeologisk museum, UiS.

At our Museum you can see the 8200 year old skeleton of The Viste Boy, beautiful bronze lurs, animal figurines, gold, glass, clay jars and flint daggers. We have permanent exhibitions and changing theme exhibitions, and we give our guests a close encounter with the past.

We have excavated the traces of those who lived in Rogaland county before us - and our researchers and professionals in a number of disciplines ensure that what you see in our exhibitions is based on research and solid professional knowledge.

The Museum of Archaeology is not just for those who are particularly interested - it is about our common ancestors. From this long chronicle we show heirlooms and physical remains of distant relatives. They lived by the sea and the earth, they traded, were craftsmen and artists, warriors and adventurers. They were children, parents, old, religious, cooked and healed the sick.