New Viking Period exhibition coming soon

Our new Viking exhibition, focused on myths and stories from the Viking Period, opens Friday 25th of August. The current Viking exhibition is closed until the opening.

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Et par draktspenner i forgylt sølv funnet i graven til vikingkvinnen fra Gausel. De rundt 40 spektakulære funnene er nå mulig å se på Arkeologisk museum ved Universitetet i Stavanger. Foto: Svein Skare, Unimusportalen
One of the 40 spectacular findings from the grave in Gausel, Stavanger in 1997. Photo: Svein Skare, Unimus

This means that the current Viking exhibition at the museum is closed from Monday 7 August until the new exhibition opens on Friday 25 August.

The new Viking Period exhibition "Do you want to know more, or what? Myths in the Viking Period, AD 750-1050" opens on Friday 25 August at 2pm. There will be free entry and refreshments, and storyteller Marianne Stenerud will tell the Viking myth of how the world began.

You can see one of the richest graves from the Viking Period ever discovered in Norway: The Gausel grave.

Read more about the opening here.

"Do you want to know more, or what?"

On 25 August, our new Viking Period exhibition " Do you want to know more, or what? Myths in the Viking Period, AD 750-1050" will open.

In the Viking Period, religion was part of everyday life and was expressed through a wealth of myths, stories and performances. The stories and the tasks of daily life merged in the objects with which the people of the Viking Period surrounded themselves. These objects played a role in life's small and large events, echoing myths such as the origin of the world, and its downfall.

The Gausel queen returns to Stavanger

The exhibition places particular emphasis on the women, represented by one of Norway's richest graves from the Viking Period - the Gausel Queen – on loan from the University Museum in Bergen. It consists of 40 spectacular findings from a viking grave discovered in Gausel district in Stavanger in 1997.

En rikt utsmykket sølvspenne ble også funnet i vikinggraven på Gausel i 1997.
A gold-plated buckle was amongst the findings in the Gausel grave, which was extracted in 1997. This is now possible to see at the Museum of Archaeology. Photo: Svein Skare, Unimus