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UiS offers unique learning opportunities through ECIU University. Right now there are five student challenges and eight micro-modules open for applications in our new online portal!

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ECIU  University is 13 European universities working together to reinvent the way we learn. In our brand new platform, students can discover and join learning opportunities to boost their skills and competences, and work on real-life problems with people across Europe.

ECIU University offers two different types of learning opportunities.

Challenges are learning opportunities that engage diverse teams to solve real-life problems using a novel and practical method of challenge-based learning (CBL). ECIU University picks challenges that the communities and organisations face at this very moment.

Micro-modules are short learning opportunities that support learners to fill their knowledge gaps and boost their capabilities to successfully engage in ECIU University challenges.

At the moment we offer 4 main topics: Circular economy, Energy and sustainability, Resilient communities, and Transport and mobility. In addition to these themes, we also focus on the theme of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation as well as developing competencies, such as language learning.

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Joining ECIU University gives learners the possibility to study at different European universities the way they want: go on short-term exchange, meet up for a few days or participate online.

In addition to this, learning at ECIU University opens up collaboration and connection with companies and organisations and possibility to contribute to real societal change.

Explore ECIU University learning opportunities on our new platform. Find a challenge or micro-module you are interested in, sign up now and apply for the learning opportunity.

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  • Be an enrolled student of one of the 13 ECIU University member institutions (including UiS) while having completed at least 120 ECTS during higher education studies (exemptions may apply when possible).
  • Have a B2 level of English language proficiency (Self-assessment, CEFR of languages).
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Any questions? Please contact our Service and Support staff via this contact form or explore frequently asked questions here.

Join 13 universities, more than 800 students and over 70 companies and organisations in their pursuit of changing the world.

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