Events and seminars at UiS Business School

UiS Business School is an arena for dialogue and collaboration between academia, business, industry, and decision-makers. We have multiple seminars and conferences in economics and law.

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UiS Business School Seminars

Researchers from UiS Business School and colleagues from other universities and colleges present their research in a professional community.

UiS Business School Seminars is a collection of seminars where researchers in economics, law, innovation and administration present their research. The seminars are open to everybody.

The seminars are divided in these areas:

Economics and FinanceInnovation, management and marketing – Law and accounting

Upcoming seminars

You can see the list over upcoming seminars in the event-calendar at the UiS Business School's webpage.



The first, biggest and best economics festival in the Nordic Countries.

KÅKÅnomics is a yearly economicsfestival that is arranged in October in Stavanger. UiS Business School is a partner and co-organizer for the festival.

KÅKÅ|nomics addresses central economic issues in our society but in a popular way.

It is mainly a festival in Norwegian, but many events are also in English. Among them are interesting lectures with well-known international economists, movie nights, and concerts.

KÅKÅnomics 2024

KÅKÅnomics 2024 is from October 25 to October 28. Visit the festival website for more information about the festival.


Synapse Lab Research Seminar

Synapse Lab Seminar is for UiS researchers interested in randomized controlled trials.

Upcoming seminars

You can find information about upcoming seminars and registration at the Synapse Labs webpage. Upcoming seminars will also be posted in the event-calendar at the UiS Business School webpage.

About Synapse Lab

Synapse Lab develops and investigates interventions for promoting motivation and learning in education and work life.

Upcoming events at UiS Business School

UiS School of Business and Law Seminar: Moral Balancing

Wed. 04.09.2024


Elise Ottesen-Jensens building, University of Stavanger
EOJ 276/277

KÅKÅnomics 2024

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Norway Summit 2024 – The Next Move

Wed. 23.10 12:00

sat. 26.10 23:59


Do you have any questions regarding our events or/and seminars? Please contact us at or call +47 51 83 15 55.