Nominate for the University Fund’s Presentation and Community Involvement Award

The objective of the prize is to promote outstanding presentation and community involvement at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

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The award shall encourage research presentation/communication, artistic presentation and community involvement. Presentation of research and artistic presentation may include all forms of presentation from the candidate's own field of study to the general public and/or external user groups. Community involvement also includes participation in social debate, cooperation with society and businesses and participation on boards and public councils or committees.

The award is an honorary award made to employees and students who in recent years, and in particular the calendar year to which the prize applies, have excelled in these areas. It can be awarded to an employee, a student or a group composed of such at the UiS.

Students, staff and organisational bodies at the UiS can nominate candidates for the award.

Nominations of candidates for the award must be submitted by 1 May following the year to which the award applies.

Nominations shall be justified and documented in the form of:

  •          The candidate's presentation activities
  •          The candidate’s community involvement
  •          The candidate's profile in public and among user groups

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The award is presented by a representative from the University Fund during the official semester opening at the UiS on 16 August 2021. The award consists of a diploma and a grant of NOK 50,000 awarded by the University Fund.

Candidates are assessed by a jury consisting of the Rector (chairman of the jury), the Prorector for Innovation and Society, a representative from the University Fund, a representative from the media, a representative from the scientific employees and the Chairman of the Student Organisation.

The Secretariat for the award is the Department of Communication and Public Affairs. For any queries, please contact Vibecke Olsen on email

Rewarding employees and students for presentation and community involvement is completely aligned with our ambition to be a collaborative and inclusive university.

Rector Klaus Mohn