Internal series from UiS

UiS publishes two internal series: Reports from the University of Stavanger and Notes from the University of Stavanger.

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The internal series gives the staff at UiS the opportunity to publish their research work of academic and scientific merit. The series are university property.

UiS publishes the following series:

  1. Reports from the University of Stavanger
  2. Notes from the University of Stavanger

Scripts should be followed by a filled out order form, showing that the tasks listed are taken care of.
The author submits the manuscript for academic recognition. The academic recognition authority is the head of the department, or someone authorised by the head of department (such as an editorial board).

Manuscripts should be submitted to Stavanger University Library according to the following specifications:

  • With a written statement of approval from the academic recognition authority stating that the manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • As an attachment to an email in PDF format. Other formats can only be used if it has been cleared with the library in advance.
  • With consistent use of the Word processor’s formatting styles throughout the manuscript.
  • Title and author name must be included.
  • Editor (dean or editorial board) with name and title must be included.
  • Declaration of the number of author copies needed.
  • All copyright issues concerning use of illustrations and other materials not produced by the author should be resolved and documentation for these must be included with the manuscript.
  • Allocating ISBN and ISSN.
  • Keeping lists of ISBN / ISSN.
  • Publishing in UiS Brage and the UiS Scholarly Publishing Services.
  • Preparing the cover, other cover pages and title page compliant with the university's graphic profile.
  • Legal deposit of six copies to the National Library, and two copies to Stavanger University Library and the archives.

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