Resources for child welfare pedagogue and social work students

The resource bank is for both students and professionals. Here you will find resources that child welfare and social work students as well as employees in the field can benefit from. The purpose is to collect resources so that they are easily accessible.

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The resource bank is for both students and those who work in the field.


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Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Social Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Social Studies


CULTIVÆRE: Sociocultural approaches to mental health and human values

This research groups mission is to promote a sense of mattering and belonging where people can connect to a sense of mea...

Kaleidoskop - a festival from The Faculty of Social Sciences

Kaleidoskop is a festival that focuses on important events, life changes and critical perspectives. By presenting differ...

Will study children's cognitive functioning with low-magnetic MRI machine

A portable, low-magnetic MRI machine gives researchers an indication of whether a child is going to follow typical or at...

Visit from Cuba to enhance internationalization

A delegation from The University of Havana visited UiS to discuss Norwegian/Cuban conference and how to increase the num...

Library resources: Social studies

Library resources for students and researchers in social studies.

Cuban and Nordic Welfare

The project shall improve the quality and internationalization of education in social work and sociology at the partner ...

A former student’s experience with MFamily: - We became like a family

Two years, up to four different countries, several class committees, two births and a pandemic. The MFamily class of 202...

How to encourage and develop Postgraduate Supervision?

This research program area is aimed at preparing better graduate and postgraduate candidates.

Department of Social Studies

The Department of Social Studies trains social workers and child care welfare officers.

ISPAS: Paths to Successful Innovation

By developing a new joint curriculum of PhD courses, candidates will be better equipped in areas of innovation and scien...

From Cuba to a lockdown in the Red Box

Two Cuban master students at Nordic Master of Social Work and welfare came on a three month stay to Stavanger one week b...