The Fadderfestival

Want to get to know your fellow students and experience everything Stavanger has to offer? Join the Fadderfestival!

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The Fadderfestival 2024

12.-18. august


Stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook for the program release.

From the opening of the Fadderfestival 2023.

What is the Fadderfestival?

The fadderfestival in Stavanger is a unique week for all new students. You can get to know your fellow students and get a taste of the vibrant student life in Stavanger.

The week is for all students starting a new program at UiS. This includes first-time students, those switching study programs, those changing institutions, those taking preparatory courses, and those starting a master's program. There's something for everyone!

Concerts and Activities

The festival program varies from year to year. Stay tuned on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest updates on this year's program.

A typical Fadderfestval includes concerts. This years concerts are:

  • Thursday August 15: Nico & Vinz
  • Friday August 16: Mari Bella
  • Saturday August 17: Madcon

Other activities on this year's program include

  • music and mingle,
  • business fair,
  • board game night,
  • standup,
  • quiz,
  • pub run,
  • boot camp,
  • music bingo,
  • grilling,
  • trip to the Pulpit,
  • surfing,
  • campus tour,
  • and getting to know the student associations and organisations.

You will be placed in a buddy group with other students in your study program. You will also have a "buddy," a student who will look after you throughout the week. They are experts on UiS, Stavanger, and your study program!

Follow UiS Fadder on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest updates and details on this year's program.

A student-driven festival

The Fadderfestival and buddy system at UiS is a student-driven initiative. The goal of the buddy system is to help you as a new student find your footing both socially and academically at the university.

During the Buddy Festival, the focus is on building relationships, well-being, and community. Additionally, students get to know both the University of Stavanger and the city center of Stavanger.

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