Checklist for new students

The checklist helps you to get started with your everyday student life at UiS - from getting an IT user and a student card, to registering for the Fadderfestival.

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Semesterstart, faddergruppe på campus Ullandhaug

Step 1: Activate IT user account

To get a username and password for the IT services that UiS offers, you must activate your IT user. You will receive an email when your user is ready to activate. For activation, you need your social security number.

We recommend that you activate your IT account before you arrive at UiS. If you have problems with activation, you can contact the IT service desk at or 51833000.

You need the username and password to log in to, among other things, these services: Canvas, Office 365 and e-mail, wireless network (eduroam), student PC and StudentWeb.

Step 2: Semester registration and approval of education plan

To retain the study place, you must register for the semester/ approve the education plan.

For the autumn semester the deadline for registration is September 1 and for the spring semester the deadline is February 1.

You can log in to StudentWeb with yoyr username and password from step 1 or via the ID port (eg MinID or BankID). We recommend doing this as soon as possible.

Check that you have signed up for teaching and exams in your subjects. This is displayed in the menu item "Active messages" on Studentweb. The day after you have registered for the semester, you will have access to your courses in Canvas (online learning platform).

Log in to Studentweb with your IT-user account to register.

If you fail to register within the deadline, you will lose your study rights at UiS.

Step 3: Pay the semester fee

All students, with the exception of inbound exchange students, must pay the semester fee each semester within the deadline: September 1 (autumn semester) and February 1 (spring semester). 

You pay the semester fee by signing in on Studentweb, go to 'Payments' to create an invoice for the semester fee.

If you fail to pay the semester fee within the deadline, you will lose your study rights at UiS.

Step 4: Semester receipt

There are two options for getting your semester receipt:

  • use the app 'Studentbevis' to download your receipt
  • order a paper copy through Studentweb (go to 'Orders')

Student discounts will require presentation of a valid receipt.

Step 5: Student card

You can get a student card after having registered and paid the semester fee (incoming exchange students do no pay).

Student cards are issued at the Student reception in Arne Rettedals hus. You'll need to bring your ID and semester fee receipt on your mobile.

Use your student card to borrow books from the University Library.

Step 6: Access to Canvas

The day after you have registered your IT account, you will get access to Canvas.

You can find an overview of your required reading in Canvas, or you can search for it via the reading list system Leganto.

Step 7: Timetables

Find the timetable for your study programme.

Step 8: Access to wifi on campus

At UiS you can connect to the wireless network eduroam or uis guest network.

Use your user account at UiS, you can connect to eduroam.

Step 9: Register for The Fadderfestival (optional)

Get to know your fellow students and experience everything Stavanger has to offer!

Get to know your fellow students and get a taste of the good student environment in Stavanger.

The week is for absolutely all new students, no matter what type of interests you have, background, family situation, whether you drink alcohol or not, etc. There will be an incredible number of different events - everything from bowling and hiking, to big concerts, surfing courses, theme parties and volleyball tournaments - all included in your ticket.

You will be part of a group of other new students that you will study with, and you will also get a "fadder", a current student, who will take care of you all week. They are experts on UiS, Stavanger, your study program and life as a student in Norway!

Stay tuned on Fadder's Instagram during July for information, sign up-form and program.

Other things to remember

Do you have any additional needs?

If you have a disability or health problems that lead to disadvantages in the study or exam situation, you can send an inquiry to

Read more about additional needs.

Deadline for applying for special adjustments due to additional needs is September 1 (autumn semester) and February 1 (spring semester).

Be safe and secure at UiS

It is good to be prepared in case of an accident. We recommend adding UiS crisis to the home screen on your mobile phone. Then you can easily find UiS's emergency procedures, should you ever need it.

Student loan/ grants

Please check the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund of your eligibilitiy regarding student grant/loan in Norway (not applicable for inbound exchange students).