All students admitted to degree studies or semester exchange programmes at the University of Stavanger can apply for student housing through SiS Housing.

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General information for international students

Please note that student housing through SiS is only available for semester exchange and degree studies

  • International students will be given a housing application code upon registration of study application. You should use this given code to apply for student housing. This code should be used by international students who are arriving in Norway for the first time only.
  • Due to the precarious housing situation in Stavanger, UiS does not guarantee accommodation for all international students.
  • You will receive only one housing offer. If you reject it, you have to make your own arrangements.
  • Contracts cover usually one or two full semesters, and full semesters only (five months*). 
  • There are no family apartments available for international students with children. Only single room apartments are available for international students.
  • International students cannot change their room with another person in the dorms, nor change dorms without the approval of SiS Housing.
  • It is not possible to terminate the contract with SiS Housing during the first 5 months of the contract.
  • The Admission Office and the International Office are not responsible for accommodation-related matters.

* Exception: Minimum rental period of three months may be given to students following approved academic internship programmes (nursing and social work) if such accommodation is available in UiS Housing.

SiS Housing

Student Accommodation, Norvald Frafjordsgate

Studentsamskipnaden i Stavanger (SiS) owns 1564 student accommodations in Stavanger. You can find more information about their locations and prices on SiS website. The housing application deadline is 1st November/1 May for exchange students and 20 April for fulldegree students. For any inquiries regarding SiS accommodation, please contact

The rooms are modestly furnished with a bed, desk, and closet. However, no dishes, cooking utensils, duvet, pillow or towels are available in the accommodations. You have to bring your own or purchase the items upon arrival.

Electricity and broadband internet connection are included. You may need to buy your own Wi-Fi router. 

Here is a video on how to apply for housing.

Private Housing

Stavanger City Center

Due to the difficult housing situation in Stavanger UiS cannot guarantee accommodation for all international students. Therefore, some students will have to find housing on the private market.

There are many housing options offered through the private rental market:

How to get there

Kolumbus - our local bus company
The easiest and cheapest way to get from your point of entry to your accomodation is with public transport. Further information on timetables and tickets. You can also download the apps: Kolumbus billett (to buy tickets) and Kolombus reise (to find your timetable).

Airport bus
Direct bus from the Stavanger airport, Sola to Stavanger City Center via the University of Stavanger. Information on timetables and tickets.

You have several different taxi companies operating from the airport and other parts of Stavanger. Please note that taxis are expensive in Norway and public transport is always a much cheaper alternative.

Coordinates to the accommodations

SiS accommodation.