Application guide for inbound exchange students

If your home institution has an agreement with the UiS, you are welcome to apply as an exchange student. Without a bilateral agreement in place, we cannot accept your application.

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Application deadlines

Autumn semester

1. April

For students doing practice placement: Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic and Social Work and students applying to the Faculty of Performing Arts.

1. May

For studies commencing in the autumn semester (August- December).

Spring semester

1. October

For students doing practice placement: Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic and Social Work and students applying to the Faculty of Performing Arts. 

1. November

for studies commencing in the spring semester (January-June).

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International Office

Solvor Sleveland E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 27 56 Julie Høivik Aase E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 20 17

Faculty of Performing Arts

Lena C. Haug E-mail: Phone: +47 51 83 40 00

Faculty of Health Sciences


Department of Social Sciences

Heidi Lie Eriksen Contact info

Application process

This application process is for all faculties.

Before you can apply for exchange to University of Stavanger, you need to be nominated by your home institution. Please contact the International Office at your home institution for their internal deadlines to apply for exchange.

When you have been nominated, you will receive an email from the University of Stavanger confirming your nomination. You need to have received this e-mail before starting step 2.

If you are unsure whether your university has an exchange agreement with UiS, please check with your home coordinator or send us an email.

The online nomination service will open in the beginning of March for autumn semester and beginning of September for spring semester. 

When you receive an e-mail confirming your nomination, you can assess and complete the application form.

We recommend watching our application video before filling in the application form.

First you go to 'Søknadsweb' and click on 'Login International Application'.

Bilde av søknadsweb

Do not create a new account in 'Søknadsweb'. When you were nominated, an account was automatically created for you and you only need to request a new password access your application.

It is possible to log in and out of the application system multiple times and make changes up until the deadline. 

If you have not received the nomination e-mail, and you are certain you have been nominated in our online system, please write to us at You may at any time request a new password from our system.

Personal information: If the information filled in by your home university is incorrect (name, nationality or date of birth) please send an email to so we can correct the information.

Home address: It is important that you fill in your complete home address. Include the following:

  • Street number and name
  • Postal code and postal area (city)
  • Country

Please do not use a P.O. Box address or your university address.

In ''Søknadsweb 'you can choose courses from a drop-down menu.

  • Please be aware that Bachelor students cannot attend Master courses. Exceptions are made for Bachelor students who are in their 4th year of a Bachelor's degree.
  • We recommend all students to choose 30 ECTS per semester. The minimum we allow students to choose per semester is 20 ECTS (with the exception of practice placement students) and maximum 40 ECTS. Please be aware that if you have a citenzenship that requires a student visa in Norway, you need demonstrate that you are a fulltime student by choosing at least 30 ECTS.
  • If you plan on taking only 20 ECTS, please write this in the "Extra information" so that we can start assessing your application. If not, we will wait until after the deadline to assess your application.
  • If a course from our website does not show up in the drop-down menu, please provide the course code in the "Extra information" box in the application form.
  • If you have B2 or better in a Scandinavian language, you may be are qualified to take courses in Norwegian. Please e-mail us if you are interested in taking courses in Norwegian as these courses are not published on our website and permission is required from the relevant Department.

In the lists below is what all students need to upload and what are extra documents depending on which courses or internship you wish to take at the University of Stavanger.

1. Transcript of Record / Diploma

Upload all university transcripts/diploma (both bachelor’s and if applicable, master’s level) in English or in a Scandinavian language. Do not upload documents in other languages as this will delay the process. Master students must upload a transcript of records from their bachelor's degree in addition to their completed courses from their ongoing Master's degree.

The transcript/diploma must contain a description of the grading system.

We only accept official copies. Offical copies are with a signature and/or a stamp from your home institution.  

The required documentation must be uploaded to 'SøknadsWeb' in a PDF format. Please write your name on the document uploaded. 

Example: ToR John Smith

2. Copy of your passport or ID card

The required documentation must be uploaded to 'SøknadsWeb' in a PDF or JPEG format. Please write your name on the document uploaded. 

Example: ID John Smith

Students applying for admission to programs in the Faculty of Performing Arts must, in addition to completing the above steps, upload an audition tape through this link. This must be done as soon as possible after the applicatoin is submitted through SøknadsWeb and by the deadline.

Drama / Comparative Education / English Didactics in Teacher Education students must also upload the following documents before arrival:

A Certificate of Good Conduct 

We do accept that you upload this document after the deadline, as long as we receive it before arrival. Please write in the extra information that you are in the process of getting this document.

Social work students also need to upload the following documents:

  • Motivation letter 
  • CV  
  • Which practicum you wish to take, earlier experiences and (yes/no) if you have a driver license. 

Depending on which placement you receive, you might need to provide a negative tuberculosis test and MRSA test before arrival. You will be contacted if this is needed.

All clinical placement students must also upload the following documents before they can start their placement:

  • A negative MRSA test (students from Nordic countries are excempted)

You can take the test at Forusakutten , Adresse Larsamyrå 18, 4313  SANDNES , Web: The place is easy accessible with buss from Stavanger and take around 15- 20 minutes.

Please send an e- mail to and book a time and state your name, international nurse students doing clinical placement in Stavanger and date of birth when booking. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THAT IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO TAKE THE TEST THUESDAY , WEDENSDAY AND THURSDAY DURING THE WEEK. The test cost kr. 300,-. It is therefore important to arrive a few days before you are due to start your placement.

  • A negative tuberculosis test if you live in or have been in a country with a high TB incidence for more than three months the last three years or have otherwise been exposed to infection.
  • Dates and which placement: From when until when do you plan to have your placement. And which type of placement do your home university require that you take. (Write this in the "Extra information" field in the application or upload a word document with this information.)

UiS is obliged to ensure that the student’s lung X-rays do not show active lung TB prior to starting work with patients. For more details concerning screening and updated list of countries with incidence of tuberculosis, please check the following webpage of Norwegian Institute of Public Health

We do accept that you upload the first two documents after the deadline, as long as we receive them before arrival. In this case, please let us know in the "Extra information" that you are in the process of getting the test(s).

Documentation of funds

- You do not need to transfer funds to a Norwegian bank account in order to document financing.

- You must present other means of documentation; for instance, documentation of student loan or scholarship or a bank statement from your home country. Please upload this document in Søknadsweb when applying. This documentation must be presented in English or a Scandinavian language.

- Students who receive a scholarship as part of a UiS funded project do not need to upload documentation to prove sufficent funds.

- Please check if your Letter of Admission contains a confirmation from UiS that you have sufficient financial means to cover your period of studies in Norway before applying for your study permit (visa).

Read here for more information about study permit.

Check the UDI list of countries that do not need a visa to enter Norway.

The first time you complete the application form, you will get a confirmation e-mail (titled "Application is changed") after clicking "next" on the document page.

The next time you enter to edit the application, the document page will not show up. If you wish to upload documents, you click on the menu button "My documents". Here you may upload documents that will appear in your application.

When you have uploaded all the necessary documents and selected courses, the International Office will start assessing your application.

Please do not upload your Learning Agreement in your application.

We only sign Erasmus+ documents after you have received your Letter of Admission. You need to use an Online Learning Agreement. Here are more information on how to fill in your documents.

You can apply for SiS housing after you have submitted your application for exchange. Deadline 1 May

  • In order to apply for student housing, you must use a code. This code is necessary to identify you as an incoming exchange student. This code will be provided to you in the confirmation e-mail (titled "Application is changed") after you have applied. Please check junk/spam folder if you do not receive it after completing the application form and e-mail us if you cannot locate it.
  • Do not apply for housing without this code. Your application may be deleted if you do not enter the code when applying. We recommend that you apply as soon as you receive the confirming e-mail containing the code after you submit the application for exchange.
  • Due to the precarious housing situation in the Stavanger area we cannot guarantee housing.
  • There are no family apartments available for international students with children. It is not allowed to live with children in single room apartments.
  • Housing contracts start on 1 August (autumn semester) and 2 January (spring semester). You cannot move in before that date. Contracts usually cover one or two full semesters, and full semesters only (five months).
  • International students cannot change their room with another person in the dorms, nor change dorms without the approval of SiS Housing.
  • It is not possible to terminate the contract with SiS Housing during the first 5 months of the contract.

Apply via SiS Housing as soon as you get the housing code  (NB! Do not use Internet Explorer! Use Firefox, Chrome or Safari).

Here is a video on how to apply.**

Students that need study permit (visa)

Use the automatic confirmation you receive via email after applying for housing in your study permit application. NB! Hotmail has a problem with receiving an automatic confirmation.

Questions regarding accommodation should be addressed to

Read more about accommodation here.

What happens next?

It is your responsibility to fill in the application correctly.

Please double check that everything is in order as described above before the application deadline:

  • Are the correct documents uploaded? (in English or a Scandinavian language)
  • Does the provided home address meet the required format? (Remember both postal code and city name)
  • Is your name and date of birth correct?
  • Have you selected courses worth 30 ECTS?

Applications will not be processed until all required documents are received.Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  

When the International Office have assessed your application you will be sent, by e-mail, a Letter of Admission. This may take anywhere from 1 day to 2 months depending on when you applied and which courses/program you applied for. It is important that you check your e-mail often, and your "spam" inbox if you have received the Letter of Admission as there is a deadline in this letter to accept or decline the offer.

After receiving your Letter of Admission

Check out our checklist on what to do next

Accommodation: Please note that it is not possible to apply for accommodation before you have been nominated and applied.

Students from non-EU/EEA: We recommend that students from non-EU/EEA countries apply as soon as possible after being nominated by their home institution due to the visa application procedures.

Admission regulations
The admission guidelines are as follows:

- Submit the required documentations as stated below - Apply for courses (or placement) that amounts to minimum 20 ECTS* and a maximum of 40 ECTS per semester - Fulfill the recommended/required prerequisite knowledge (if any) necessary to take the courses (or placement) *Practice placement students may take less than 20 ECTS The courses that have limited places at the Faculty of Science and Technology will be given to the students who first submits an application, applies for these courses and meet the pre-requisites knowledge requirements (if any).

The exception to the above admission regulations are the following study programmes as they have their own admission regulations:

English proficiency requirements for exchange students

In order to ultimate your academic success at our institution, it is required that all exchange students have a minimum B2-level of English. This level is self-assessed, and you do not need to provide any documentation or submit an English test score. For further reference and description of European language levels please check the self-assessment grid. NOTE! Students applying to English linguistics and English language and literature courses needs to provide documentation of their English level as described for each course.

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