Structural Mechanics 1 (BYG140)

The course provides fundamental knowledge and general competence in statics and structural mechanics, which form the basis for all structural engineering and mechanical design subjects. The course is divided into two main components: statics and mechanics of materials.

Course description for study year 2024-2025


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Statics: Forces and systems of forces, force systems in two dimensions, trusses, center of gravity, bending moment, shear force and axial force diagrams, statically determinate beams and frames, deformations.

Mechanics of solids: Stress, strain, planar and 3-dimensional stresses, elastic materials, stress in beams.

Learning outcome

After completing the course the student shall:

  • be familiar with the basic concepts associated with statics and mechanics of solids
  • be able to calculate the reaction forces for statically determinate structures, based on the applied external forces
  • be able to calculate deformation in statically determinate structures
  • be able to calculate internal section forces in statically determinate structures and draw diagrams for these
  • be able to calculate internal stresses and strains over a cross-section of a structural element which is subjected to external forces or temperature changes
  • design simple statically determinate structures and structural elements

Required prerequisite knowledge


Recommended prerequisites

MAT100 Mathematical Methods 1


Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam 1/1 4 Hours Letter grades Basic calculator specified in general exam regulations

Written exam on paper.

Coursework requirements

8 compulsory assignements in total. 6/8 of the compulsory assignments must be approved in order to take the exam.

Course teacher(s)

Head of Department:

Mona Wetrhus Minde

Method of work

6 hours lectures and 2 hours of tutorials per week. Compulsory assignments.

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Structural Mechanics 1 (BIB120_1) 10

Open for

Civil Engineering - Bachelor in Engineering Energy and Petroleum Engineering, Vocational Path - Bachelor in Engineering Industrial Economics - Master of Science Degree Programme, Five Year Petroleum Engineering - Master of Science Degree Programme, Five Years
Exchange programme at Faculty of Science and Technology

Course assessment

There must be an early dialogue between the course supervisor, the student union representative and the students. The purpose is feedback from the students for changes and adjustments in the course for the current semester.In addition, a digital subject evaluation must be carried out at least every three years. Its purpose is to gather the students experiences with the course.


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