Fundamental Chemistry (KJE101)

Fundamental chemistry is a general chemistry course for engineering students.

Course description for study year 2022-2023


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Chemistry: The structure of the atom. Chemical bonds. Intermolecular interactions. The Naming of compounds, use of the mole concept in solids, solutions and the gas phase, reaction equations, equilibrium, acids and bases, reduction/oxidation, water-solubility of compounds, electrochemistry, and organic chemistry. 

Learning outcome

After completing the course students should be able to:
  • name inorganic and organic compounds.
  • have a basic knowledge of organic chemistry including naming simple compounds.
  • understand and be able to use the concept of moles in reactions, solutions, gas phase etc.
  • have understood the principles of equilibria.
  • have a basic knowledge of acid and bases, the water-solubility of compounds, redox reactions and electrochemistry.
  • have awareness of environmental challenges relating to chemistry.

Required prerequisite knowledge



Form of assessment Weight Duration Marks Aid
Written exam 1/1 3 Hours Letter grades Calculator , Cappelen, Dalen et. al.: Compendium of tables and formulae,

Course teacher(s)

Course coordinator:

Emil Anders Lindbäck

Head of Department:

Ingunn Westvik Jolma

Method of work

Lectures (2hrs / week), Exercises (2hrs/wk)

Overlapping courses

Course Reduction (SP)
Chemistry for data/electro (RED101_1) 5

Open for

Battery and Energy Engineering - Bachelor in Engineering Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Engineering Computer Science - Bachelor in Engineering Control Engineering and Circuit Design, Vocational Path - Bachelor in Engineering Control Engineering and Circuit Design - Bachelor in Engineering Energy and Petroleum Engineering - Bachelor in Engineering Geosciences and Energy Resources - Bachelor in Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Engineering - Bachelor in Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Vocational Path, Bachelor in Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor in Engineering Medical technology - Bachelor in Engineering

Course assessment

In accordance with the Faculty's routines for student evaluation and quality assurance.


The syllabus can be found in Leganto