Development, accreditation and establisment of new degree programmes

The guidelines include establishment of all new yearly programmes and degree-programmes, including executive master's degrees offered as commissioned or self-financed studies

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The process leding up to establishment includes:

a) Application approval for new yearly studies and degree programmes 

ParticipantsThe faculty boards, dean, department council, and head of department.
PurposeDecision regarding application approval and development of new degree programme based on assessments regarding societal needs, strategy and action plans, competency- and reseource assessments. 
DocumentationApplication document from department/institute, minutes from faculty board and decision of the dean. 

b) Handling at faculty level 

ParticipantsThe faculty board, dean, department council and head of department.
TimeDeadline for submission to the education committee and the board: august 7th. 
PurposeFinal decision regarding whether the progamme should apply for accreditation and establishment.Final finish of application
DocumentationMinutes from faculty board,Submision of application and programme description from dean. 

c) Establisment in the board and accreditation in the education committee

ResponsibilityThe board and the education committee
ParticipantsRector and director of academic affairs
TimeHandling in the board by NovemberHandling in the education committee by October 
PurposeAccreditation and establisment of new programme 
DocumentationDecision fromt the handling in the board and education committee is sent out and published at