Free language course with Erasmus+

When you go on an exchange with Erasmus+, you get access to free Online Language Support (OLS) through the online platform EU Academy.

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Language learning through EU Academy

Many of UiS's Erasmus+ partners offer courses taught in English, but it will also be possible to take courses taught in other European languages if you already have prior knowledge of the language. There are various language support programs available - take advantage of the opportunities!

On the EU Academy platform, you can test your language proficiency level and attend free language courses to improve your skills.

User support and frequently asked questions - OLS.

  1. Visit the OLS platform on EU Academy.
  2. Create an account on EU Academy by following the login steps in the information video.
  3. Choose the language community for your selected OLS language. Currently, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German are available. You can choose to study multiple languages within OLS.
  1. Click on a language assessment (placement test) to start a test.
  2. Complete the language assessment.
  3. After the assessment, you will find a range of learning materials suitable for your level on the new EU Academy dashboard.
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Support for local language courses from Lånekassen

For students who want to improve their foreign language skills, it is also recommended to consider taking a language course in the country where they will be studying before their international stay. If you go on an exchange to a study destination where the language of instruction is different from English, you can apply to Lånekassen for support for preparatory language courses. Please heck the specific conditions that apply. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the necessary documentation and apply for support from Lånekassen.