Travel to Europe with Erasmus+

If you choose Europe for your exchange, you become part of the large Erasmus family of students who have been on exchange for 30 years.

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UiS has entered into various exchange agreements with different institutions in Europe. These agreements are facilitated through the EU's Erasmus+ program and are usually associated with specific departments or study programs. There is often a limited number of spots available, but you do not need to pay tuition fees and may also be eligible for the Erasmus+ grant.

You can find information on relevant European exchange agreements in the overview provided in your study program.

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the largest program for cooperation in higher education in Europe and is funded through the EU system.

Erasmus+ is an educational collaboration between EU countries, EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), and Turkey. Through the mobility program Erasmus+, you can participate in study or traineeship stays in an EU or EEA country.

The University of Stavanger has entered into several Erasmus+ agreements with multiple countries and universities in most European countries. Each agreement belongs to the respective department and offers courses for students enrolled in programs at that specific department.

Benefits of Erasmus+:

  • Study grant in addition to support from LĂ„nekassen (Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund)
  • Online language courses available before the start of the semester
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host institution
  • Introduction program for all new students upon arrival

Tuition fees

All students going on exchange must pay the semester fee at UiS and may be asked to pay an administration fee at the host institution. Students going on exchange through Erasmus+ do not pay tuition fees to the host institution.

International students paying tuition fees at UiS must still pay this fee during the exchange period and are not exempt from any tuition fees at the host institution.

Studenter som klemmer i solnedgang
Make new friends through Erasmus+

What do you need to do to receive the grant?

Here is an overview of the necessary documents and activities you must complete to have your stay approved and receive the Erasmus+ grant.

  • Grant Agreement
    To be filled out before the stay. Must be signed by the student and UiS.

Questions? Please contact the Erasmus+ Coordinator through the Exchange Guide or by email.

Useful information about exchange through Erasmus+