Good reasons to go on exchange

As a UiS student, you have the opportunity to take part of your education abroad, without being delayed in your studies. This is your chance to experience life as a student in a whole new country!

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Improve your language skills

An increasing number of employers value good language skills. You can improve your English or other foreign language skills by travelling abroad. 

Academic development 

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to specialise in different courses from those available to you in Norway. Also, your lecturers and fellow students will help expand your academic horizons, giving you new perspectives that will be useful to you and to future employers when you return. 

Personal growth 

As an exchange student, you will meet new people and gain an increased understanding of and insight into other cultures and lifestyles. You will learn to stand on your own two feet while also gaining unique life experience! 

International experience

Companies are increasingly looking for international skills, and a period of study abroad will make your CV stand out. If you are aiming for an international career, it will be advantageous to have had some of your education outside Norway.  

Funding opportunities

Some students may be eligible to  apply to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund for an extra loan or grants for your stay abroad. Students who go on exchange in the Nordic countries or Europe will get a separate supplementary grant. Information about finances during your outbound exchange semester.