Learning environment

UiS (University of Stavanger) would like to offer students a good and inclusive learning environment. A good learning environment creates well-being and enhances learning.

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Learning environment at UiS

Learning environment

The learning environment includes both the psychosocial and physical environment. On these pages you will find a list of goals and requirements for work on the learning environment, the person responsible for this and the service provided at UiS.

Psychosocial learning environment

The psychosocial learning environment includes psychological and social factors that impact on health, well-being and performance at the place of study, including interpersonal relationships. The social environment, culture and welfare contribute to the psychosocial learning environment.

Physical learning environment

Physical learning environment here means the physical environment in the teaching situation, which can affect the individual student's ability to learn. This also includes accessibility and adaptation of the university for students with disabilities. The physical learning environment should be prepared according to the principal of universal design.

Bad learning environment

If you experience anything or encounter any problems that are due to a bad learning environment Let us know!