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The Mars Institute Student Chapter is a student organization at the University of Stavanger, under the Mars Institute Norway and the Mars Institute Headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center in San Francisco.

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The Mars Institute Student Chapter is a student organization at the University of Stavanger, under the Mars Institute Norway and the Mars Institute Headquartered at NASA Ames Research Center in San Francisco. Here, students will take part in and research current technical issues related to research and exploration of Mars.

Jamila Mendoza CEO says, "We have a strong focus on collaboration with everyone to create new solutions that have a clearly sustainable ESG profile and green initiatives that can contribute to the companies in the Region and our social responsibility with the Norwegian people and environment."


Our purpose is to promote research, exploration and general understanding of Mars.

We aim to increase the interest in science among schoolchildren and students. This is done by connecting students and academia to the research institute Mars Institute and to our partners in the technology industry.

Rouver-Develop and implement concepts, technological strategies to explore Mars and milestones such as explore Phobos or Deimos and the like, using robotic systems and humans.

Public activities: Inform about results, progression, benefits to humanity in understanding Mars, as well as promote general understanding through public activities.

Students can write a Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us.

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