"The Biological chemistry programme gives students the chance to pursue their passion for biology"

Kaneez Fatima took a master's degree in Biological Chemistry at UiS and is currently working on a PhD.

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Kaneez Fatima. Photo: private

Name: Kaneez Fatima
Study programme: Master of Science in Biological Chemistry
Occupation and employer: PhD researcher at University of Helsinki 

Why did you choose the Biological Chemistry programme at UiS and how well did the programme meet your expectations?

The UiS Biological chemistry programme gives students the chance to pursue their passion for biology, through practical laboratory work, flexible specialisation options, and skills in the development of biotechnology.

What did you appreciate most about your study time at UiS?

The Biology department at UiS is outstanding and supportive programme. The professors encouraged us to actively engage in the learning process and offer comments on the program's structure from the very first day to make sure it met our needs as students. My scientific knowledge was improved by the program's emphasis on practical laboratory work and research projects, and I also gained valuable critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, the program's focus on communication and teamwork helped me develop my interpersonal abilities, which improved my ability to work well in a collaborative environment. Overall, my time spent studying molecular biology at UiS has been transformational and equipped me with the abilities and information required to be successful in the field.

Which part of the study will you benefit most from in working life?

The renowned UiS Molecular Biology programme has a project-based framework that enables students to obtain practical experience using molecular biology concepts to main issues. It has provided me with important knowledge about how to incorporate the methods in research field. Through study and research, I will acquire the abilities and knowledge required for a career in molecular biology and be able to significantly advance this field.

Do you think your background in Biological Chemistry was important for your job offer and, if so, why?

The student received the training and abilities required to succeed in the field from the biological chemistry programme at UiS. It`s emphasis not only on laboratory work but also computational biology and its data analysis, which gave the student the skills needed to work with challenging biological data sets. Overall, the curriculum gave the student the skills and self-assurance needed to pursue a career in their specialized biology field and make significant contributions to it.

What do you appreciate most with your current job?

Currently I am doing PhD, which was my dream to take a project and work on it more deeply and make small contribution in scientific field.

What are your top three pieces of advice for new students at UiS?

1: Manage your time effectively
2: Build a support network as it can be hard at times, so you can join different unions or organisations.
3: Take advantage of opportunities by exploring new interests and internships.

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