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Anders Riel Müller


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KE D-434

I a currently project lead for the Research Network for Smart Sustainable Cities, an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty initiative. I am affiliated with the Urban and Regional Planning programme in the Department of Economics, Safety and Planning that also hosts the research network. I am also affiliated with the Department of Media and Social Sciences where I teach and supervise in the Master in Energy, Environment and Society.  

Select publications

Müller, A. R., & Leer, J. (2018). Mainstreaming New Nordic Cuisine: Alternative Food Politics and the Problems of Scale Jumping and Scale Bending. In M. Phillipov & K. Kirkwood (Eds.), Alternative Food Politics. From the Margins to the Mainstream (pp. 37-54). London: Routledge.
Doucette, J., & Müller, A. R. (2016). Exporting the Saemaul spirit: South Korea's Knowledge Sharing Program and the 'rendering technical' of Korean development. Geoforum, 75, 29-39.
Sørensen, B. Æ., & Müller, A. R. (2015). Meyer som appetitvækkende gastrokapitalist - en analyse af Claus Meyers placering i det socialt engagerede fødevarekompleks. Social Kritik, (144), 52-61.
Müller, A. R. (2014). South Korea: Food security, development and the developmental state. In I. Christoplos & A. Pain (Eds.), New Challenges to Food Security: From Climate Change to Fragile States (pp. 298-320). Oxon and New York: Routledge.
Tonami, A., Muller, A. R., (2013). Trajectories of Japanese and South Korean Environmental Aid: A Comparative Historical Analysis. The Journal of Environment & Development, 23(2), 191-219.
Müller, A. R. (2004). Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Supplier Relations and Community Development. In F. Bird, E. Raufflet, & J. Smucker (Eds.), International business and the dilemmas of development : Case studies in South Africa, Madagascar, Pakistan, South Korea, Mexico, and Colombia (pp. 233-254). Basingstoke; New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Müller, A. R., & Patel, R. (2004). Shining India? Economic Liberalization and Rural Poverty in the 1990's. Institute for Food and Develop Policy.

Journal Issues edited:

Guest Editor, International Journal of Urban Sciences, Forthcoming in 2021. Special Issue on "Finding the old in the new: Locating the smart city in the national and local trajectories of urban development and management".

Guest editor, Social Kritik, 2015. Special issue on "New Nordic Cuisine: Critical Perspectives (in Danish).

Guest Editor, Miljøsk, 2011. Special Issue on "Landgrabbing" (in Danish).

Work experience:

2019 -       : Project Leader, Smart City Research Network, University of Stavanger
2015-2019: Senior Adviser of Internationalisation & Researcher, Department of Social Education. University College Copenhagen.
2011-2015: PhD, Department of Society and Globalisation. Roskilde University
2011-2014: PhD Candidate. Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen
2009-2010: Executive Director. ClimateAdapt, San Francisco
2004-2009: Senior Adviser, regional development and sustainability. Baltic Sea Solutions, Palo Alto/Holeby
1997-2003: MSc. Business Studies/Technological and Socio-Economic Planning, Roskilde University

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      How do we design just and sustainable cities?.

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