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I am Associate Professor in City and Regional Planning and currently project lead for the Research Network for Smart Sustainable Cities, an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty initiative and project lead for the NFR Capacity Lift project Future Energy Hub aiming to strengthen research and regional competences for sustainable buildings and neighborhoods. 


I teach and supervise in the Urban and Regional Planning programme at the Department of Economics, Safety and Planning. I am also affiliated with the Department of Media and Social Sciences where I teach and supervise in the Master in Energy, Environment and Society

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My research areas include the cultural political economy of urban and regional transformations, economic development, energy, and food with a focus on aspects of justice, democracy, and alternative economies. I am also particularly interested in questions of empire, colonialism, post-colonialism, and decoloniality. My geographical areas of expertise are mainly East Asia and Scandinavia. I am currently member of two research groups at UiS including Social and Spatial Change in Times of Transition and Sustainable urban development, planning and design.

Current Projects

Research Network for Smart Sustainable Cities (Lead)

Future Energy Hub (Lead)

The North Sea: Europe's Energy Frontier (PI)

Tested in Rogaland (PI)

New European Bauhaus Stavanger

Past projects

The ECIU University Research Institute for SMART European Regions (Task 4.2 Lead)

ECIU Urban Transformation Collaboratory

Academic Development through bilateral peer-learning activities on mission-oriented innovation for Climate Neutral and Smart Cities (Local Lead)

Building bilateral research network towards resilient, smart and sustainable cities and regions

Professional Experience

Before returning to academia in 2011 to pursue a PhD, I worked with regional economic development planning in Northern and Eastern Europe and the US within the areas of renewable energy, urban agriculture, and climate change adaptation. I worked 5 years in Silicon Valley/San Francisco where I also founded a non-profit tech start-up in 2009 developing geo-spatial visualisation tools (GIS, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality) for climate change mitigation and adaptation in partnership with UN Habitat among others. I founded an organic urban farm in Denmark back in 2005 focused on preserving older non-commercial, but genetically and culturally importand, vegetable varieties with financial support from the EU Social Fund. I have also co-founded two political organisations in the US and Denmark respectively and worked with numerous other organisations and movements around the world advocating for food sovereignty, land rights, and environmental justice. 


  • Vitenskapelige publikasjoner
  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Kerssen, Tanya M; Müller, Anders Riel


      The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty. I: Food First: Selected Writings From 40 Years of Movement Building.

      ISBN 9780935028461.

  • Formidling
    • Müller, Anders Riel; Fisker, Jens Kaae


      Towards the Street Smart City: A Research and Planning Agenda for Just Cities.

      ECIU Webinar Series on Public Engagement;


    • Rytz, Camilla; Müller, Anders Riel


      Hemmeligheden i skyggearkivet.
    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Guidelines for Public Engagement .

      ECIU SMART-ER Research Conference ;

      2023-10-03 - 2023-10-04.

    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Future Energy Hub​: Mål, status og fremtidige aktiviteter.

      Future Energy Hub Seminar;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Searching for the New Oil: Preemptive hope and post-oil futures in Norway's oil capital.

      Urban Transformation and Global Change Seminar Series;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Hva er Innoasis Urban Energy Lab.

      Åpning Innoasis Urban Energy Lab;


    • Fisker, Jens Kaae; Müller, Anders Riel


      Towards the Street Smart City: The Imagined Average, Experts and Smart City Technologies.

      Beyond Smart Cities;

      2022-06-16 - 2022-06-17.

    • Müller, Anders Riel; Fisker, Jens Kaae


      Reframing justice in urban planning.

      Impact Attribution Lab Workshop;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Å bekjempe boligspekulasjon.


      Hefte Høst 2022.


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Searching for the new oil: Climate change and post-carbon futures in a second tier petro-region..

      International Symposium on Critical Policy Studies;

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    • Müller, Anders Riel; Røstvik, Harald Nils; Syse, Helleik L.; Fiuren, Ronny


      How do we create positive energy districts for the future?.

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    • Müller, Anders Riel; Sareen, Siddharth; Kalesi, Poppy


      Ripple Effects: Societal perspectives.

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    • Müller, Anders Riel; Fisker, Jens Kaae; Sunde, Ola; Norland, Arne


      Forskningspub om Rogaland som matfylke under energikrisen.

      Forskningspub om Rogaland som matfylke under energikrisen;


    • Müller, Anders Riel; Borgen, Turid; Skretting, Hallgeir; Drønen, Tomas Sundnes; Maasen, Peter


      Internasjonalisering og Akademisk ansvar.

      50 år med samfunnsfag i Stavanger;

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    • Müller, Anders Riel; Hillesund, Terje; Sætra, Henrik Skaug; Solheim, Eirik


      Er en digital fremtid smart?.

      50 år med samfunnsfag i Stavanger;

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    • Hellstrand, Ingvil Førland; Müller, Anders Riel; Stensland, Kristine M.


      Snakk om framtidsmennesket.



    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Smart City and Digital Sovereignty panel: Developing strategies for raising awareness about digital sovereignty.

      Smart City & Digital Sovereignty Workshop;

      2022-06-14 - 2022-06-15.

    • Stensland, Kristine M.; Hellstrand, Ingvil Førland; Müller, Anders Riel


      Podcast: Snakk om framtidsmenneske med Ingvil Hellstrand og Anders Riel Müller.
    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Rice fields, Mountains, and the Invisible Meatification of Korean Agriculture. .

      Agricultural History Society - Annual Meeting 2022;

      2022-08-04 - 2022-08-06.

    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Opening of UiS/Nordic Edge Smart City Research Symposium.

      UiS/Nordic Edge Research Symposium;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Inter-sectoral collaboration between researchers and practitioners for smart sustainable cities.

      Nordiske frontrunners indenfor smart city;


    • Wyckmans, Annemie; Lavik, Karina; Laderud, Øyvind; Müller, Anders R.; Mjøen, Kristian


      Veien til klimanøytrale og sosialt innovative byer?.

      Veien til klimanøytrale og sosialt innovative byer?;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Totale Telematik.
    • Müller, Anders Riel


      The Story of Korean Beef - Nationalism, Myth-Building and Anti-Americanism.
    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Smart cities, co-creation and democratic citizenship .

      DEMCI Symposium;


    • Muller, Anders Riel


      What about Humans,Nature and Culture in the Smart City?.

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    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Everyday Experiences of Youth Marginalisation in Gentrifying Areas of Seoul and Copenhagen..

      Push - Filmfremvisning og refleksjon;


    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Is Blade Runner’s Los Angeles a smart city? .

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    • Lee, Su-Kyeung; Müller, Anders Riel


      South Korean External Strategy Qualms: Analysis of Korean Overseas Agricultural Investment within the Global Food System.

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      2012-10-18 - 2012-10-19.

  • Kunstnerisk produksjon
    • Syse, Helleik Line; Müller, Anders Riel; Kern, Leslie


      How do we design just and sustainable cities?.

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