Anders Riel Müller


Det teknisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt for sikkerhet, økonomi og planlegging
KE C-327


Associate Professor in in City and Regional Planning. I am currently project lead for the Research Network for Smart Sustainable Cities, an interdisciplinary and cross-faculty initiative and project lead for the NFR Capacity Lift project Future Energy Hub aiming to strengthen research and regional competences for sustainable buildings and neighborhoods. I am affiliated with the Urban and Regional Planning programme in the Department of Economics, Safety and Planning that also hosts the research network. I am also affiliated with the Department of Media and Social Sciences where I teach and supervise in the Master in Energy, Environment and Society. I am member of two research groups at UiS including Social and Spatial Change in Times of Transition and Sustainable urban development, planning and design.


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  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Kerssen, Tanya M; Müller, Anders Riel


      The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Threat to Democracy and Food Sovereignty. I: Food First: Selected Writings From 40 Years of Movement Building.

      ISBN 9780935028461.

  • Formidling
    • Müller, Anders Riel; Borgen, Turid; Skretting, Hallgeir; Drønen, Tomas Sundnes; Maasen, Peter


      Internasjonalisering og Akademisk ansvar.

      50 år med samfunnsfag i Stavanger;

      2022-04-27 - 2022-04-28.

    • Müller, Anders Riel; Hillesund, Terje; Sætra, Henrik Skaug; Solheim, Eirik


      Er en digital fremtid smart?.

      50 år med samfunnsfag i Stavanger;

      2022-04-27 - 2022-04-28.

    • Hellstrand, Ingvil Førland; Müller, Anders Riel; Stensland, Kristine M.


      Snakk om framtidsmennesket.



    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Smart City and Digital Sovereignty panel: Developing strategies for raising awareness about digital sovereignty.

      Smart City & Digital Sovereignty Workshop;

      2022-06-14 - 2022-06-15.

    • Stensland, Kristine M.; Hellstrand, Ingvil Førland; Müller, Anders Riel


      Podcast: Snakk om framtidsmenneske med Ingvil Hellstrand og Anders Riel Müller.
    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Rice fields, Mountains, and the Invisible Meatification of Korean Agriculture. .

      Agricultural History Society - Annual Meeting 2022;

      2022-08-04 - 2022-08-06.

    • Fisker, Jens Kaae; Müller, Anders Riel


      Towards the Street Smart City: The Imagined Average, Experts and Smart City Technologies.

      Beyond Smart Cities;

      2022-06-16 - 2022-06-17.

    • Müller, Anders Riel; Fisker, Jens Kaae


      Reframing justice in urban planning.

      Impact Attribution Lab Workshop;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Å bekjempe boligspekulasjon.


      Hefte Høst 2022.


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Searching for the new oil: Climate change and post-carbon futures in a second tier petro-region..

      International Symposium on Critical Policy Studies;

      2022-08-17 - 2022-08-18.

    • Müller, Anders Riel; Røstvik, Harald Nils; Syse, Helleik L.; Fiuren, Ronny


      How do we create positive energy districts for the future?.

      UiS at Nordic Edge Expo 2022;


    • Müller, Anders Riel; Sareen, Siddharth; Kalesi, Poppy


      Ripple Effects: Societal perspectives.

      MEES conference: crossroads & transitions;


    • Müller, Anders Riel; Fisker, Jens Kaae; Sunde, Ola; Norland, Arne


      Forskningspub om Rogaland som matfylke under energikrisen.

      Forskningspub om Rogaland som matfylke under energikrisen;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Opening of UiS/Nordic Edge Smart City Research Symposium.

      UiS/Nordic Edge Research Symposium;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Inter-sectoral collaboration between researchers and practitioners for smart sustainable cities.

      Nordiske frontrunners indenfor smart city;


    • Wyckmans, Annemie; Lavik, Karina; Laderud, Øyvind; Müller, Anders R.; Mjøen, Kristian


      Veien til klimanøytrale og sosialt innovative byer?.

      Veien til klimanøytrale og sosialt innovative byer?;


    • Müller, Anders Riel


      Totale Telematik.
    • Müller, Anders Riel


      The Story of Korean Beef - Nationalism, Myth-Building and Anti-Americanism.
    • Muller, Anders Riel


      What about Humans,Nature and Culture in the Smart City?.

      Nordic Edge Expo;


    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Everyday Experiences of Youth Marginalisation in Gentrifying Areas of Seoul and Copenhagen..

      Push - Filmfremvisning og refleksjon;


    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Is Blade Runner’s Los Angeles a smart city? .

      Blade Runner 2019;


    • Muller, Anders Riel


      Smart cities, co-creation and democratic citizenship .

      DEMCI Symposium;


    • Lee, Su-Kyeung; Müller, Anders Riel


      South Korean External Strategy Qualms: Analysis of Korean Overseas Agricultural Investment within the Global Food System.

      Global Land Grabbing II;

      2012-10-18 - 2012-10-19.

  • Kunstnerisk produksjon
    • Syse, Helleik Line; Müller, Anders Riel; Kern, Leslie


      How do we design just and sustainable cities?.

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