Andra Riandita


UiS Business School, Elise Ottesen-Jensens house, Campus Ullandhaug
Handelshøgskolen ved UiS
Avd. for innovasjon, led. og mark.føring
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Andra is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Stavanger Business School. Her research interest lies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management, particularly in the context of environmental and social sustainability. She focuses on organisational and inter-organisational perspectives, building on insights from organisation theory and management studies.

Through her research, she studies how innovation drives sustainability through the role of start-ups. Her research topic includes green start-ups, eco-innovation, and sustainability-driven partnerships. She builds on empirical work from various industries, such as the food, fashion, and service sectors.

Andra holds a PhD in Industrial Economics and Management. At UiS Business School, she is part of the faculty team in Sustainable Business Development and Innovation specialisation. Currently, she coordinates and teaches the course of Entrepreneurship and Business Plan, and she has also been running Strategies for Innovation Management and Sustainable Entrepreneurship courses.

Prior to UiS, Andra worked at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden; Politecnico di Milano, Italy; and Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

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